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Appearance on the Fit Dad Nation Podcast: How to Build an Online Brand

How to Build an Online Brand I made a cameo appearance on the Fit Dad Nation podcast w/ Steve Roy recently to discuss keto recipes. LOL – just kidding. We go into some detail on how to go about building an online brand/community in an ethical manner that will lead to long-lasting revenue streams. In… Read more

Appearance on the Rebel Performance Radio Podcast

I had the opportunity to make an appearance on the Rebel Performance Radio Show recently hosted by James Cerbie. James and I have a bit of history because he was an intern at Cressey Sports Performance back in 2014 when I was there, and it was great to sit down and talk some shop. Rebel… Read more

Appearance on the Movement Fix Podcast

There was a time – from 2007-2015 to be exact, my coaching years at Cressey Sports Performance – where I listened to a lot books on cd as well as podcasts. I had a 45-60 minute commute both ways and used that time to try to make myself smarter. In the years since, however, there… Read more

Appearance on the Fitness Devil Podcast

Here’s my latest podcast appearance.  And, not for nothing, it includes the SICKEST promotional graphic in the history of ever. Andrew Coates and Dean Guedo have built The Fitness Devil Podcast into one of the most downloaded health/fitness  podcasts on iTunes. They’re two dudes who lift heavy things and are well-read, but they also have… Read more

Appearance on the BarBend Podcast

What’s Really Important in Strength I made it back home to Boston and it was lovely to hug my wife and see Julian for the first time in two weeks. I mean, is there anything better than walking into your kid’s Pre-K classroom, him recognizing you, and seeing him sprint towards you, arms wide open,… Read more

Latest Podcast Appearance: The Todd Nief Show

Lisa and I had an amazing 1-day excursion into the Barossa Valley yesterday where we visited seven (yes, SEVEN) different wineries. Needless to say Lisa was feeling, well, pretty damn good. As I type these words we’re in the Adelaide airport awaiting our flight to Melbourne where we’ll meet up again with Dean Somerset so… Read more

Barbell Shrugged Podcast: Episode 388

I have to admit: This was pretty cool. A few weeks ago the guys who host the popular Barbell Shrugged Podcast – Anders Varner & Doug Larson – reached out because they were going to be in Boston and were wondering if I had interest coming onto the show? Is water wet? Is bacon delicious?… Read more

Chalk Strength Podcast w/ Simon Bungate

First things first, an apology. I have been woefully delinquent – bordering negligent – on providing my own content on the site of late. I’d like to sit here and say it’s because of a noble cause like spending my time reading scripture to orphaned kittens or, I don’t know, writing a screenplay. But all… Read more