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Maybe Your Shoulder Hurts Because Your Technique Sucks

Full Disclosure: I am not a fantastic presser. I’m not going to sit here and attempt to regal you with stories from high-school where I used to drive a Camaro, hookup with the Prom Queen, and bench 405 for reps (you know, before that nasty football injury in the State Championship ruined everything). Nope, this… Read more

The “My Shoulder Hurts” Checklist

“Wha, what was that? Was that him?” It was 1:30 AM, maybe even 2:17 (it’s always a blur, sucky, and when it’s that late doesn’t it even matter?) as my wife nudged me to see if the baby was alright. I turned over to my left, peeled my eye open just enough to press the… Read more

Bench Press Technique: How to Not Hand-Off Like a Jackass

Remember those “The More You Know” PSA (Public Service Announcements) from the late 80’s and early 90’s? They often ran during primetime shows on NBC and even during Saturday morning cartoons. Oh man, remember Saturday morning cartoons? Transformers GI Joe Dungeons & Dragons Alvin & the Chipmunks Bionic Six Captain Planet Those were the days…. Read more

Big Rock Cues That Work For Pretty Much Everyone

As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to be more succinct in many facets of my life. – When I was 25 I’d consider it a travesty if I didn’t spend at least two hours in the gym. Now? A few “top sets” of my main movement, followed by an accessory movement to compliment that movement,… Read more

Why Performing 1-1/2 Reps Will Alter Your Life Forever

The title of this post might be construed as a tad exaggerative in tone. For the sake of brevity: anything labeled “life altering” should be reserved for stuff like winning the lottery, beating cancer, or, I don’t know, a really, really, really good steak. Or having your own lightsaber. So please forgive the sensationalism. What… Read more

The Single Dumbest Way to Bench Press

A few months ago I wrote a post on why incorporating barbell glute bridges prior to an upper body day (namely, bench pressing) may be a nice way to help “potentiate” the glutes to fire to better help with performance. I wrote it and people loved it. I had no idea so many people would… Read more

Bench Press Tip: Let the Bar “Settle”

I’ve been working my way back from a pesky back injury for the past few months, and while I’ve made some awesome progress as of late (back to full squatting 315 for reps, and just started incorporating some heavy(ish) pulling into the mix), the guy who writes my programs – Greg Robins – has been… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 12/12/14

In cased you missed it, yesterday I pretty much melted the internet’s face (Indiana Jones evil Nazi style) with a post on how to improve hip internal range of motion without using traditional stretching. The crucial message was to remember it’s important to understand that the body is going to induce “protective tension” when it… Read more