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Addressing My Coaching Gaps

I am an imperfect coach. I don’t know everything and I don’t pretend to. One of the most admirable qualities I think any coach should possess is having a modicum of humbleness that acknowledges their “gaps.”   Some coaches are stellar at teaching the “big 3” but are unable to break down sprint mechanics. Others… Read more

Layering the Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing offers many benefits and can be utilized in many ways. It’s a fantastic modality to train explosiveness and power (especially as a more “user friendly” alternative to Olympic lifting), it’s a back saver in that 1) when it’s performed correctly it helps to dissociate hip movement from lumbar movement (it’s all about… Read more

Why I Dislike the American Kettlebell Swing

To any overly patriotic or political zealots out there who may have misread, note the title does not say “Why I dislike America.” To everyone else, notice too that the title doesn’t say “I hate the American kettlebell swing.” Hate is such a strong word anyways; more appropriately reserved for things like Hitler, ebola, global warming,… Read more

Kettlebell Swing: How to Cue the Hinge and Never Perform a Squat Swing Again

There’s just some things in life you don’t do. 1. You don’t punch kittens in the face. That’s just common sense (and really cruel). 2. Guys: you don’t not pay for the first date. And ladies: the fake purse grab at the end of dinner makes us guys feel good, and we appreciate the sentiment;… Read more

Master the Kettlebell Swing

Before we get to the meat of today’s post I have a few housekeeping items to relay: 1.  Today is the last day to take advantage of the 30% discount for my Deadlift Specialization Program. The program itself will never go away (ever!!!) and will always be available to start whenever you’d like, but this… Read more

Tony Takes a Kettlebell Class

In keeping with the running theme of past segments like Tony Takes a Yoga Class (Part One and Part Two) and Tony Takes a Pilates Class, yesterday I added another adventure to my on-going exercise bucket list: Unfortunately, it wasn’t Tony Performs a Cannonball Into the Playboy Mansion Pool. Tony Takes a CrossFit Class will… Read more

Cleaning Up Kettlebell Swing Technique

I don’t consider myself a kettlebell expert, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express once so that has to count for something. Note from TG:  For those non-American folk who may be reading and have no idea WTF staying at a Holiday Inn Express has to do with anything let alone kettlebell training, maybe watching… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 8/3/12

The other day while walking around on the gym floor, I ended up having a small chat with one of our current interns, Doug, on the education system. Random topic I know, and I honestly have no recollection as to how we even got there, but it definitely was something that got the two of… Read more