Monthly Archives: September 2012

What’s The Single Best Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Program?

More specifically:  what’s the single best thing you can do to get better results in the gym? At the expense of making the most redundant statement ever, there’s a lot of information out there.  We’re inundated with it. At no point in human history has information been more readily available and “in our face” than… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: Sacrifice, Concurrent Training, and a Video You Should Watch

Just a quick talking point before I get to the stuff you should read. 1.  I definitely plan on writing more on this in the near future (an article perhaps?), but I’d love to get other’s opinion on this.  In the past 1-2 months, I’ve taken roughly 80% of single leg training out of my… Read more

Lift Like a Girl?

I know I seemingly talk about my girlfriend a lot on this blog (what can I say:  she’s the shit), but today I have a story that I think a lot of the ladies reading will appreciate. Lisa (said girlfriend) is a fitness enthusiast who likes to train, eat dead animals, and who also teaches… Read more

Red Kites and Blueberry Pop-Tarts

This is probably my most random blog title ever (even more than THIS), and I’m sure those who clicked on the link and are now reading may be scratching their heads wondering where I could possibly be going with this.  Bear with me. I’m a member of a pretty awesome movie theater here in Boston… Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Slideboard Push-Up vs. Band

It’s no secret that I love push-ups and that I feel they’re an important component of any well-rounded fitness program. They offer a bevy of benefits ranging from improved upper body strength (pecs for days!), improved scapular kinematics, and core activation. As such, in relation to the last point, push-ups serve as an excellent assessment… Read more

How to Get Published: Interview with Lou Schuler

Today I have something really cool to share. 1. I get a lot of emails from other trainers and coaches on how to go about getting published. In a perfect world we’d have no wars, everyone would have a million dollars in their bank account, cars would run on hugs, and every one would get their… Read more

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: No Easy Day, Organic Debate, and Other “Stuff”

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done one of these, and I figured it was appropriate given that, you know, it’s Monday. Lets get to it: 1.  Just a reminder that the Greatist Workout of the Day (GWODs for those who are uninitiated),  are kicking into high gear.  Both Dan Trink and I are… Read more

Can I Workout Today?

I love Tuesdays.  For me Tuesday is like everyone else’s Sunday because, as un-conventional as it is, it’s a regularly scheduled “day off” for me.  I know, that was all sorts of confusing, so let me try to clarify. I don’t have a standard weekend like most people. I work on Saturday (and sometimes even… Read more