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The Nutrition and Supplement Police

There are shady characters in every industry, but it’s seemingly within the nutrition and supplement industry where the shadiest of shady characters reside. The Nutrition & Supplement “Police” How else to explain an industry where (celebrity) doctors cut their ties to integrity and shill the miraculous fat loss properties of Raspberry ketones? Or where some… Read more

Go to Bed: Routine, Sleep Hygiene, and Other Stuff to Consider

Full Disclosure: I’m an awesome sleeper. I’m awesome at a lot of things – deadlifting, eating eggs, throwing a vicious split-finger fastball, the board game Stratego, coloring – but sleeping is my jam. My wife often jokes that my side of the bed is my version of the Fortress of Solitude. As soon I’m horizontal… Read more

The Forgotten Quality of the Fitness Industry

I’d like to start with a story. It involves a temple, a monk, a woman, and her small child. (Sorry, this story doesn’t begin with your standard “a cowboy, rabbi, and turtle walk into a bar…..”) It’s a story I originally heard from strength coach Martin Rooney and few years ago, and it’s a story… Read more

Creatine (Wait, Stop! I Promise This Post Won’t Make Your Head Hurt)

Creatine has been around for well over 20+ years and is undoubtedly one of the most researched (and popular) sports and performance supplements in human history.  Still, there’s a lot of preconceived notions and misinformation regarding creatine and its efficacy. Some people think it’s a steroid (it’s not), some people think it will stunt growth… Read more

Caffeine 101

Today’s guest post comes to you courtesy of’s own Sol Orwell. In case you’ve been living in a cave for the past year, Sol and the team at have easily become the go to source for anything and everything related to supplements and supplementation. Whenever I need a quick reference to anything supplement related… Read more

Two Things You Should Check Out

Note from TG:  I try my best not to come across as someone who overhypes stuff to my readers on a daily basis.  I mean, it’s not really THAT big of a deal that The Wolverine opens this weekend.  You’d think based off how excited I am that I’d be walking around all week with… Read more

Supplement Review: Supplements That Suck, Supplements That Work, and Supplements That Are Underrated Part I

The topic of supplements is about as controversial as they come – right up there with homeland security, government deficit spending,  global warming, that silly ban on big gulp sodas in NYC, and trying to figure out who the best Spice Girl was back in the day. Scary Spice obviously.  No, wait…..Sporty Spice!  On one… Read more