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Turning Caterpillars Into Butterflies

There’s generally two topics I go out of my way to not discuss on my blog or social media channels: religion and politics. It’s not because I don’t have strong leanings or beliefs regarding the two. I do. Rather, I just feel, given the divisiveness that’s inevitably tethered to both, it’s important not to alienate… Read more

What Makes an Athlete Fast?

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Syracuse, NY based strength and conditioning coach Ricky Kompf. Ricky’s a good friend, works with a ton of youth athletes, and he knows his stuff. What I like about his message is that he always stresses the basics first. No fluff, no smoke and mirrors, no speed camps, and… Read more

Get Your Hips Nice-n-Juicy Prior to Your Lower Body Workout

I know, I know… …most of you reading don’t have enough eye-rolls to give. I mean, I get it: a blog post on warming-up is about as exciting as me writing about breathing drills, how to make kale chips, or, I don’t know, NASCAR. But two things: 1. This post will be short and sweet…. Read more

Now Available: Even More Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint

After over a year of development, fine tuning, and presenting multiple times to get the fine points just right, Dean Somerset and I have finally released “(Even More) Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint” – a brand spankin new product with new content – and it’s on sale now. Get the Hotness In 2016 Dean Somerset… Read more

Upcoming Speaking Engagements: The Jet Lag Edition

I feel like a bag of dicks today. Well, not that bad considering the 2o hour total flight time (in addition to a four hour layover in LAX) Lisa and I endured yesterday making our way back to Boston from Australia. I don’t know, maybe I feel more like a bag of soggy potatoes? Either… Read more

Strong Body-Strong Mind Workshop: Chicago

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be heading to Chicago next month along with my wife, Dr. Lisa Lewis, to present our popular Strong Body-Strong Mind Workshop. —> Register Here (Early Bird Rate) <— In this 1-day workshop we’ll unpack both physical and psychological techniques that will not only make you a better trainer/coach, but… Read more

Win a Free Ticket to the RISE Fitness Business Conference in San Jose

I am honored to be speaking on stage amongst some of the pioneers in the fitness and business space this October at RISE 2018 in San Jose, CA. Tony’s Coming to the Bay Area – Whoop, Whoop I’ve never been to the Bay area and am pumped for this opportunity. Yeah, yeah, I just Googled… Read more

Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 5/11/18

I don’t need to make any introduction. Lets get to this week’s stuff. BUT FIRST…CHECK THIS STUFF OUT 1. Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint – Dates/Locations Announced Dean Somerset and I are currently in the throes of drumming up new content for our staple workshop series. We’ve presented this workshop all over the world –… Read more