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How to Correct Diastasis Recti and Turn It Into a Bulletproof Core

As a card carrying member of the Y chromosome I did not write today’s article. This isn’t to say I lack the confidence or knowledge to do so – in fact, I’ve gone out of my way in recent years to educate myself more on postpartum issues so that I am better prepared to work… Read more

How to Deadlift: The 9 Best Coaching Tips

I know this seems very uncharacteristic of me and something I normally don’t write about, but I recently collaborated with my good friend Andrew Coates and wrote an extensive article on hornets deadlifts. I don’t know the exact number, but it’s around my 37th article on T-Nation on the topic…;o) Deadlifts: A Complete Guide Andrew… Read more

Standing Out From the Crowd: Appearance On the Your Fitness Money Coach Podcast

I was recently invited onto the Your Fitness Money Coach Podcast hosted by Billy Hofacker. Some of you may recognize the name because Billy has penned several informative guest posts on this site surrounding financial literacy in the past year. HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. I was thrilled to post his content here because he… Read more

Top Articles of 2021: Guest Posts

I’m fortunate that I have a bevy of other coaches and trainers who want to write for my site and share their diverse insights and myriad of topics ranging from program design and unique exercises to postpartum considerations and brand building. 2021 saw no shortage of excellent content on this site from other fitness professionals… Read more

Top Articles of 2021: My Picks

Don’t get me wrong: My readers have excellent taste in the articles that resonate with them. They’re up-to-date and “in-tune” with the latest strength & conditioning research (oftentimes more than myself) and don’t fall prey to the smoke-n-mirrors facade that much of social media regurgitates as valid and efficacious fitness content. In case you missed… Read more

Top Articles of 2021: Readers’ Picks

Well, in hindsight, 2021 panned out a little better than 2020. I guess. Nope, fuck that… …We’re All Still Living in a Never-Ending Dumpster Fire COVID, COVID, COVID Insurrections Inflation Sex and the City reboots The incessant parade of awful things seemingly won’t end. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that 2022 will bring all of… Read more

Just Announced: Strategic Strength Workshop: Boston, MA

It’s been over two years since I’ve announced any IN-PERSON workshops. I’m elated to announce that Luke Worthington and I will be hosting our popular Strategic Strength Workshop in Boston, Massachusetts this coming March (2022). *Cue the trumpets* Shut Up and Take My $$ Tony – Register HERE (1 installment) or HERE (2 installments) The Deets The Strategic Strength Workshop is an… Read more

All My Stuff Is On Sale This Week

Just so we’re clear, by “all of my stuff is on sale,” I don’t mean my stuff stuff. My furniture, appliances, car, vintage t-shirts, and movie quality Chewbacca masks are off limits. No, what I am actually referring to are my digital continuing education resources: Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint  (Even More) Complete Shoulder & Hip… Read more