Top Articles of 2021: Readers’ Picks

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Well, in hindsight, 2021 panned out a little better than 2020.

I guess.

Nope, fuck that…

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…We’re All Still Living in a Never-Ending Dumpster Fire

  • Insurrections
  • Inflation
  • Sex and the City reboots

The incessant parade of awful things seemingly won’t end.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that 2022 will bring all of us a bit more good news and things to look forward to. I know for one I can’t wait to begin traveling again. I had a bit of an amuse bouche earlier in the fall when I was able to jet away and spend five days in London.

I was in introvert heaven. No wife, no kid, and no workshops. It was just me meandering about my favorite place in the world for a handful of days.

Speaking of workshops, however, 2022 looks to be shaping up as a bit of a comeback. I have four events in the coming months:


1. Kabuki Education Week (virtual) – January 9th – 15th – Info & Registration HERE.

2. Coaching Competency Workshop – Saratoga Springs, NY (January 23rd) – Info and registration HERE.


COACHED: Raise the Bar Conference – Orlando, FL – Info & Registration HERE.


Strategic Strength Workshop  – Boston, MA (March 19th-20th) – Info & Registration HERE.

And on a somewhat related note, I really, really, really hope to get back on the writing more content train in the coming year.

2021 saw my worst output since this website/blog began and I truly hope to up my game in the coming months. Like everyone else my mind was preoccupied with other “life events” this past year, and while part of me wanted to beat myself up over it…

…I also had to have an honest compromise with myself and realize that other things had to be more of a priority. Family, gym expansion, The Witcher Season 2.


Nevertheless, it’s my hope that I can accomplish some more writing in the next 365 days.

And on that note, here’s a recap of some of the top articles on the site from 2021 based off the ones which received the most traffic:

Goddamn, you guys have impeccable taste…

1. Find You’re Entry Point: How to Train Around an Injury

2. The One Question I Hate Answering

3. A Foolproof Plan For Starting an Exercise Program

4. You Just Wait Till You’re My Age

5. The Unsexy, No BS Guide to Actually Getting Results

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