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Finishers That Do More Than Finish You

Whether you refer to it as a circuit, death circuit, METCON, or my preference…a finisher, the goal is one in the same: you spend 10-15 minutes at the end of your training session kicking the living crap out of yourself pushing things, lifting things, throwing things, pulling things, flipping things, or any combination of “things”… Read more

Get the Most Out of Your Farmer Carries

This won’t come as a newsflash to those who read my blog on a regular basis, but I heart beef jerky, Gandalf, lightsabers, snuggling, butterfly kisses, farmer carries As far as exercises which have a lot of carry-over to performance as well as every day life events and doing their part in, pardon my french,… Read more

How to Program Farmer Carries

I know Dan John has relentlessly sung their praises. And, after listening to him speak last weekend, I know Gray Cook is a big fan of them too. What am I referring to? CrossFit? ShakeWeights? One Direction? Bacon wrapped figs? None of the above. Besides, everyone knows that Dan is an N’Sync‘er for life. And urban… Read more

Cleaning Up Carry Technique

One quick housekeeping item to get out of the way first. 1.  Just a reminder from Monday’s post:  This is an open invitation for anybody located in or around the Boston area to attend Lisa’s spin class tomorrow (Saturday). You can check out the spin studio HERE. And you can sign up for Lisa’s class… Read more

The Perfect Warm-Up?

When most people think of what a well-rounded, bullet proof program encompasses, many will undoubtedly think of optimal set/rep schemes, rest intervals, what exercises to include (and in what order), and, of course, how many days per week they should train given their goals. Admittedly, all of the above components are important things to consider,… Read more

Random Training Thoughts (Yes, I Stole This Blog Title from Mike Robertson)

Normally I save these type of posts for Miscellaneous Miscellany Mondays, but I’ve got a few things rocking around in my brain at the moment that I needed to just throw out there. Deadlifts are King Everyone knows that I have an affinity… Read more

Carry, Carry, and More Carries

One of my favorite authors, Robert Ludlum (author of the Bourne Identity trilogy, most notably), always had an uncanny ability to paint a scene, in almost vivid detail.  Known for his meticulous research, Ludlum would take his protagonist (and the reader) across the globe, describing… Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Kettlebell Suitcase Carry with Rope

Alright I’m not gonna beat around the bush today, I feel like poo…..again.  My first clue was when my alarm woke me up this morning.  I always wake up before my alarm –  it’s like some hidden Jedi talent of mine.   If, on the off… Read more