Get the Most Out of Your Farmer Carries

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This won’t come as a newsflash to those who read my blog on a regular basis, but I heart beef jerky, Gandalf, lightsabers, snuggling, butterfly kisses, farmer carries1

As far as exercises which have a lot of carry-over to performance as well as every day life events and doing their part in, pardon my french, “fixing shit,” 2 farmer carries are the bees knees.

In my latest article on I discuss why farmer carries are worthy of “bees knees” status, in addition to offering up a handful of ways to implement them into a program

Get the Most Out of Your Farmer Carries

Also, I submitted the article before filming the video below. It shows me performing one round of a killer Kettlebell Get-Up, Carry, and Swing finisher that 1) is featured in the article and 2) I think you’ll enjoy. Depending on what your definition of “enjoy” is.

If it means something along the lines of eating a bowl of cookies-n-cream ice cream or getting a foot massage think the opposite of that.

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  1. and Kurt Vonnegut, Jason Bourne, any form of red meat, carbs (yes, including gluten), re-runs of Lost, taking showers every other day, whatever – don’t judge me, my cat, and boobs. Among other things.

  2. this can be anything from addressing lower back and shoulder pain to correcting posture and something I like to call “weaklingitis.” Unfortunately farmer carries can’t fix your fashion sense. Come on dude, black shoes and a brown belt? I can’t take you anywhere!!

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