Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 12/12/14

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In cased you missed it, yesterday I pretty much melted the internet’s face (Indiana Jones evil Nazi style) with a post on how to improve hip internal range of motion without using traditional stretching.

The crucial message was to remember it’s important to understand that the body is going to induce “protective tension” when it perceives something as a threat, risky, or un-familiar. It’s just our body’s way of pumping the breaks to make sure we don’t do anything stupid.

It was very well received and it seemed to open many people’s eyes, especially those who tend to gravitate towards traditional stretching as the end-all-be-all answer to everything.

First off: everyone knows that unicorn tears are the cure all for everything. That’s just common knowledge.

Secondly: giving credit where it’s due, my good friend Dean Somerset is the one who originally introduced the concept of REACTIVE STABILITY to me. I don’t want to pawn off the idea as my own. Granted I invented things like electricity, space travel, and Legos…but I draw the line at taking credit for the voodoo magic displayed in yesterday’s post and video.

Dean covers what I covered yesterday and much, MUCH more in his most recent resource Ruthless Mobility.

TODAY (Dec. 12th) is the LAST day to purchase it at a heavily discounted price. The price goes up at midnight.

If you’re a fitness professional looking to take your knowledge base to the next level or just someone who struggles with nagging injuries and/or movement quality this would be an excellent resource to add to your collection. Dean’s one of the guys I trust the most and someone I continuously learn from. You’d be doing yourself a huge favor by listening to what he has to say. Check out Ruthless Mobility HERE.

Now lets get to this week’s stuff to read.

Coffee….Upgraded? Is Bulletproof Coffee All It’s Cracked Up To Be – Brian St. Pierre

I’m not a coffee drinker. I’m more of a tea kind of guy. My fiance on the other hand looooves coffee. I honestly believe that if she weren’t marrying me she’d marry her Nespresso machine.

The whole bulletproof coffee craze intrigues me though. I understand that coffee alone has numerous health benefits, but does using Upgraded (trademarked) Coffee and adding grass-fed butter and MCTs to the mix make it that much more superior????

Some people swear by it. Others, like myself, just roll their eyes and turn the page.

Nonetheless, I felt this article was a very fair look at coffee in general, but also felt it was fair with its assessment of Bulletproof Coffee as well.

Master the Bench Press: What Is Leg Drive? – Adam Pine

As someone who’s admittedly an atrocious bench presser, I found this article super helpful. Bench pressing is much more of a FULL-BODY movement than people give it credit for and Adam does a superb job at explaining what, exactly, leg drive is, and a few cues he likes to use at it pertains to bench press performance.

The New Nutrition Secret – Adam Bornstein

I think it’s great that more and more people like Adam are making it into the mainstream media and attempting to send the right message. And that’s this: use new research to question your approach, not define it!

[Cue slow clap here]

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