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Should You Invest In Your Own Website?

My website – the one you’re reading right now – is, in many ways, a family member to me. I know it seems a little weird, borderline crazy, to refer to a website as a family member…but hear me out. It gives me an immense sense of pride and accomplishment. It provides sustenance. And, much… Read more

I’m Taking Over the Internet. But Not Really

I’ll be heading out to sunny LA this weekend to meet up with Dean Somerset for our last go at the Complete Shoulder & Hip Workshop of 2015. We’ve been on a tear lately with stops in Edmonton, St. Louis, and Chicago earlier this fall, and I hope people aren’t starting to get Dean and… Read more

Cameo on Evil Sugar Radio

A few weeks ago I was invited onto the Evil Sugar Radio podcast with hosts Antonio Valladeres and Scott Kustes. At first I was a little apprehensive to go onto the show because I freakin LOVE sugar. I was afraid I was going to get grilled because I’m not Paleo enough or that I’m the… Read more

Squeezing Oranges With Tony Gentilcore

I had the pleasure of being invited onto the Side Quest Fitness Podcast (the unofficial podcast of Fitocracy) recently with Rob Farlow, and I wanted to toss the link everyone’s way in case 1) you’re super bored at work today and needed a dose of “Tony Time” to help pass time or 2) you’re not at… Read more

Affiliate Marketing: Worse Than Ebola, Hitler and Gluten Combined

Let first state for the record that: 1. I generally avoid confrontation. In fact I hate it. 2. I’ve long ago accepted that no one can make everyone happy, and that by choosing to make myself more of a public figure with my writing and speaking, that it opens up the flood gates to (more)… Read more

MFF Best Life Radio: The Interview I Did While Wearing No Pants

“Isn’t he that dude who owns a gym in NYC, who’s obsessed with, like, rainbows and unicorns and stuff?” That was the question EC asked me a few summers ago when I had mentioned in passing that this guy named Mark Fisher was coming to CSP (along with his head trainer, Kyle Langworthy) for mine… Read more

Catching Up on The Fitcast

I had the opportunity to make a recent cameo appearance on The Fitcast with Kevin Larrabee. Some long-time readers may recall I used to be a co-host of the show a few years ago; and some may even recall my now infamous first ever appearance on the show. This is Tony Gentilcoooooooooooooore. I was such… Read more

PT Prophet Podcast and Pallof Presses

I’m back home in Boston after spending the weekend in Sterling, VA (just outside of DC) where Dean Somerset and I had the honor of presenting our two-day Excellent High-Five Workshop at Underground Athlete to a group of 30 coaches and trainers – a few of which traveled all the way from Alabama and Massachusetts…. Read more