MFF Best Life Radio: The Interview I Did While Wearing No Pants

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“Isn’t he that dude who owns a gym in NYC, who’s obsessed with, like, rainbows and unicorns and stuff?”

That was the question EC asked me a few summers ago when I had mentioned in passing that this guy named Mark Fisher was coming to CSP (along with his head trainer, Kyle Langworthy) for mine and Dean Somerset’s Excellent Workshop up in Boston.

At the time I had no idea who Mark Fisher or Mark Fisher Fitness was other than Eric’s comment.



What the what!?!?!? “Who is this guy?” I thought to myself. And, “what’s he all about?”

To be honest, at the time I didn’t care. He paid the registration fee, and giving credit where it’s due, no one is going to pay that much money and make the trek from NYC to Boston for a 2-day workshop who doesn’t give a shit and doesn’t want to learn. At the end of the day, that’s cool in my book.

Long story short: it was an awesome weekend. Mark (and Kyle) attended, and Mark was gracious enough to participate in a “Expert Panel” at the end of the weekend (which also featured Ben Bruno and Jim “Smitty” Smith of Diesel Strength fame) discussing business stuff and how important it is to build a sense of “community” amongst your gym members (or as he refers to them, ninjas) for long-term success.

Since then Mark (and many of his staff members) have grown to be good friends of mine. We’ve crossed paths numerous times attending various seminars and social gatherings, and have kept in touch via email. I remember not long ago Mark reached out asking if CSP had any current or past interns who’d be interested in employment at MFF and to ask if any would be a good fit (because lets be honest: it takes a certain individual to be comfortable enough to teach a group of people how to perform a kettlebell swing or proper hip hinge while simultaneously lip syncing to ABBA and trying not to make eye contact with occasional dildo hanging on the wall).

It’s an eclectic, unique, and fun atmosphere to say the least. But that shouldn’t deter people from thinking MFF is all glitter paint and party boas. It’s not.

In fact, when Mark and I were going back and forth on interns and employment he shot back this classic quote which I’ll never forget:

“Don’t get me wrong, if they’re a drag queen, that’s HUGELY helpful, but they need to be a drag queen who knows who Ed Coan is.”

Suffice it say I’m a huge fan. Mark and his staff are superb and it’s no surprise they’ve established themselves as one of the destination gyms to train at in a city that’s saturated with an infinite selection to choose from.

Stepping aside from the fitness side of things for a second, another reason why I admire Mark and the culture he’s constructed is that, as much as he’s a geek at improving someone’s scapular upward rotation or squat technique, he’s equally a champion at understanding that there’s a lot to life OUTSIDE of the gym.

Which was why I was more than excited to be invited onto the MFF Best Life Radio Podcast hosted by Mark Fisher Fitness co-founder, Brian Patrick Murphy.

Much like Mark, Brian exudes positive attitude. It’s very hard not to be talking with Brian and not feel his exuberance and zest for what life has to offer marinate into your own consciousness. It’s infectious and I dig it so much.

We chatted the other morning for a little more than an hour on everything from my career to being newly engaged to our affinity on walking around with our pants off. It was a really fun interview to do. So if you have some time to kill commuting to work, or if you’re at work and want to drown out your annoying cubicle mate give it a listen. I think you’ll enjoy it.

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