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Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 9/23/16

It’s a HUGE fitness industry weekend this weekend in Boston. For starters the Cressey Sports Performance Fall seminar is going down, which is always an industry gold standard. In addition, lead unicorns Mark Fisher and Michael Keeler, of Mark Fisher Fitness, will be at AMP Fitness to put on their Inside the Unicorn 2-day workshop. I basically… Read more

MFF Best Life Radio: The Interview I Did While Wearing No Pants

“Isn’t he that dude who owns a gym in NYC, who’s obsessed with, like, rainbows and unicorns and stuff?” That was the question EC asked me a few summers ago when I had mentioned in passing that this guy named Mark Fisher was coming to CSP (along with his head trainer, Kyle Langworthy) for mine… Read more