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I’ll be heading out to sunny LA this weekend to meet up with Dean Somerset for our last go at the Complete Shoulder & Hip Workshop of 2015.

We’ve been on a tear lately with stops in Edmonton, St. Louis, and Chicago earlier this fall, and I hope people aren’t starting to get Dean and Tony fatigue…

…because we also have BIG plans for 2016 as well.

A trip to Europe (Prague and Oslo in the Spring), as well as various cities around North America (Toronto, Austin, TX, etc).

NOTE: speaking of Texas, I’ll be in Frisco, TX on Dec. 27th for a 1-day workshop at Full Throttle Athletics. For more info you can go HERE.

And, who knows, we may very well go intergalactic and hit up Naboo. We like to live life dangerously.

Anyways I need to pack and get things organized before I leave tomorrow morning, so today I wanted to take a few moments to point you in the direction of various appearances I’ve made around the internet.

Recent Podcast Appearances

After linking to his awesome article, Is Diet Coke Bad For You?,1Scott Baptie reached out and asked if I’d come onto his Food For Fitness Podcast.

You can listen HERE.

I was also invited by Nada Nasserdeen to make a cameo on her Rise Up For You podcast. It’s a quickie (less than 10 seconds 25 minutes), but we discussed some of my grievances with the mainstream media’s approach to women’s fitness, in addition to delving into my general approach to working with and training women.

You can listen HERE.

Men’s Health & BuzzFeed Article

My latest article on MensHealth.com dives into how to instantly clean up technique on several basic exercises using EXTERNAL cuing rather than INTERNAL cuing.

You can check that out HERE.

Also, I made a cameo on BuzzFeed recently contributing to an article written by Sally Tamarkin on tips to Actually Start Lifting Weights.

Cool New Apparel

Two things to note in the video below.

1. My DL technique is on point, son! After working through some back issues at the start of this year, I’m starting to amp my deadlift numbers back up and feel like I’m making some good progress. Here’s my first set (of 3) of 435 for an easy 4 reps.[/footnote]The video was cut off at 3 reps. Trust me, I got the 4th.[/footnote]

2. The sleek apparel I’m wearing.

Was sent some free swag and apparel from @wpnwear and figured I’d break things in with some deadlifts, naturally. #teamwpn

A video posted by Tony Gentilcore (@tonygentilcore) on

I was contacted by a new Australian company, WPN Active Wear, and they were kind enough to send me some free swag – shorts, compression shorts/shirt – to try out and use during some recent training sessions.

I’m normally not someone who wears compression gear when training, but I may change my ways. I found I was able to get warm quicker (and stay warm) and I did sense the compression shorts (underneath the shorts in the video) gave me a bit more of a stable feeling with my back. Huge bonus.

Plus, you know, I look jacked.

I know I have a fair number of Australian readers, so if you’re looking for a some cool, comfortable, reasonably priced fitness apparel give WPN a look.

SIDE NOTE: I like the idea of this being a small company of passionate guys who want to introduce a high-quality product, and aren’t some faceless conglomerate. I receive ZERO kick-back in pointing you towards their KickStarter campaign – HERE – if that’s something you’re interested in supporting/backing.

You should do it. For the kangaroos.

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  1. Based upon some people’s reaction to the article, you would think Scott clubbed a baby seal.

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