Cameo on Evil Sugar Radio

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A few weeks ago I was invited onto the Evil Sugar Radio podcast with hosts Antonio Valladeres and Scott Kustes.

At first I was a little apprehensive to go onto the show because I freakin LOVE sugar. I was afraid I was going to get grilled because I’m not Paleo enough or that I’m the spawn of Satan because I eat carbs. Like, a lot.

But after a little research I knew I was being irrational.

From their “About Us” Page: Evil Sugar Radio is a weekly health and nutrition podcast free from the diets, dogmas, and delusions that are pervasive in the nutrition world. We debunk popular diet myths, giving you the hard facts you need to take your health, performance, and weight loss to the next level.

Evil Sugar Radio covers modern trends in diets, weight loss, health & fitness, food, farming, and politics. Plus, we talk about ice cream quite a lot.

This show is rated R, for Really Rockin’ and because we cuss now and then.

We Didn’t Talk Nutrition!

Thankfully. Because that’s not my wheelhouse. I could probably feign nutritional expertise by dropping a gluconeogenesis bomb in a sentence somewhere, or go into the particulars on reversible phosphorylation of proteins as a regulatory mechanism1, but I didn’t.

However we did talk about the personal training industry, shoulder injuries, and program design. But in reality it was just three dudes hanging out talking about whatever came up.

You can check it out HERE (and yes, it’s NSFW).

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  1. I totally made that up. I couldn’t explain that any more than I could Quantum physics.

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