Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 8/14/15

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Lets jump right to this week’s list.

So You Lose All That Weight. Now What? – via Brandon LaVack

We all know of someone who has worked their tail off to lose a bunch of weight only to have it return (and then some) after the fact.

This was more or less a “best of” playlist from several fitness professionals on their perspective regarding the topic.

The Guide to Getting Old Man Strength – Kyle Farnsworth

I remember always watching Kyle Farnsworth pitch back in the day, and outside of throwing gas I used to always think to myself “dude is yoked!”

And was someone I wouldn’t want to pick a fight with:


I felt this was pretty cool article on Kyle’s lifelong pursuit of fitness and how it allowed him to not only have a long and successful MLB career, but to pursue other athletic endeavors as well.

Peer Leadership: 8 Thoughts On How To Make the Most Out of An Opportunity, Others, & Yourself – Greg Robins

CSP coach Greg Robins gave an amazing in-service a few days ago on this topic, and the article linked to above sums it up thoroughly. A relevant read for anyone regardless of career.

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