Cleaning Up Carry Technique

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One quick housekeeping item to get out of the way first.

1.  Just a reminder from Monday’s post:  This is an open invitation for anybody located in or around the Boston area to attend Lisa’s spin class tomorrow (Saturday).

You can check out the spin studio HERE.

And you can sign up for Lisa’s class at 9AM HERE.

Everyone who attends, if they choose, can introduce themselves to Lisa after the class – I promise she won’t bite – and then give her their email address.  From there I’ll send you a coupon code for one FREE month of my Premium Workout Group over on

Even if you’d prefer not to take part in my group, and you just want to head in and get your ass kicked for 45 minutes, Lisa is pretty much the best spin instructor in the city as detailed by this glowing review below:

“Lisa is pretty much the best spin instructor in the city” 

– random Boston-based strength coach.

I write a couple of paragraphs on Lululemon yesterday, and all of sudden I’m getting called out for being soft (as noted by a commenter).

Well, shit – that is a fair point.  I don’t really have a come back for that one.  Oh well, I guess I’ll just move on with my life.

Nevertheless, to make up it I figured I’d 1) type this entire post shirtless (<—- not kidding) while watching GoodFellas (<—- Again, not kidding) in a Blackhawk helicopter (<—- okay, kidding) and post a quick video tutorial on how to clean up one’s carry technique.

I’m a huge advocate of carries as I feel that offer a gulf of benefits.  Everything from grip strength to improved hip stability to increased core strength to helping to build a yoked up upper back.

Thing is:  most trainees butcher them and often fail to reap all their benefits.  Here are some thoughts on common mistakes and how to address them:

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