Top Articles of 2021: My Picks

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Don’t get me wrong: My readers have excellent taste in the articles that resonate with them. They’re up-to-date and “in-tune” with the latest strength & conditioning research (oftentimes more than myself) and don’t fall prey to the smoke-n-mirrors facade that much of social media regurgitates as valid and efficacious fitness content.

In case you missed it, HERE‘s a link to the top articles from my site over the past year based off the one’s that received the most web traffic.


Sometimes you guys don’t know what’s up. The whole landscape of what will and what won’t “stick” still perplexes me. Some days I’ll write something I’m sure will win me a tsunami of accolades and/or possibly a Pulitzer, only to see the net result as a puff of literary smoke.

My prose fizzles into the dark void, trumped by articles highlighting detox teas, keto recipes featuring sawdust, and TikTok videos of people climbing milk crates.

Pfffft, whatever.

To that end, today it’s MY turn. Here are the top articles of 2021 according to me, because…

Word of Me

…It’s All About Meeeeeeeee

1. Confessions of a Strength Coach: Come At Me, Bro 2021 Edition

2. Putting the “Pro” In Fitness Professional

3. Why We Should Lift Heavy Weights, Yes, Even In Season

4. Putting On a Show vs. Just Coaching

5. Should You Train Through Pain?

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