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Top Articles of 2021: My Picks

Don’t get me wrong: My readers have excellent taste in the articles that resonate with them. They’re up-to-date and “in-tune” with the latest strength & conditioning research (oftentimes more than myself) and don’t fall prey to the smoke-n-mirrors facade that much of social media regurgitates as valid and efficacious fitness content. In case you missed… Read more

Top Articles of 2021: Readers’ Picks

Well, in hindsight, 2021 panned out a little better than 2020. I guess. Nope, fuck that… …We’re All Still Living in a Never-Ending Dumpster Fire COVID, COVID, COVID Insurrections Inflation Sex and the City reboots The incessant parade of awful things seemingly won’t end. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that 2022 will bring all of… Read more

Just Announced: Strategic Strength Workshop: Boston, MA

It’s been over two years since I’ve announced any IN-PERSON workshops. I’m elated to announce that Luke Worthington and I will be hosting our popular Strategic Strength Workshop in Boston, Massachusetts this coming March (2022). *Cue the trumpets* Shut Up and Take My $$ Tony – Register HERE (1 installment) or HERE (2 installments) The Deets The Strategic Strength Workshop is an… Read more

All My Stuff Is On Sale This Week

Just so we’re clear, by “all of my stuff is on sale,” I don’t mean my stuff stuff. My furniture, appliances, car, vintage t-shirts, and movie quality Chewbacca masks are off limits. No, what I am actually referring to are my digital continuing education resources: Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint  (Even More) Complete Shoulder & Hip… Read more

COACHED: Raise the Bar Conference 👈 Epic Speaking Line-Up

Announcing the COACHED: Raise the Bar Conference I’ve got some exciting news to share. Word on the street is that George Lucas (creator of Star Wars) is going to write & direct a romantic comedy as his next project in Hollywood. Just kidding. No one wants that. Can you imagine that? I think a toaster oven could… Read more

Should You Train Through Pain?

We live in a world surrounded by inevitabilities: Summers in Florida will be hot. Winters in New England will be cold.. People will perform stupid antics on social media (the latest being the Milk Crate Challenge) Additionally, if you’re an active person, particularly if you lift weights, unless you’re name is Wolverine, it’s inevitable you’ll… Read more

Just Announced: Strategic Strength Workshop: Philadelphia, PA

Strategic Strength Workshop Is Coming to Philadelphia It’s been over 18 months since I’ve announced any IN-PERSON workshops. I’m elated to announce that I am coming to Philadelphia to put on my 1-day Strategic Strength Workshop *Cue the trumpets*   Shut Up and Take My $$ Tony – Register HERE   My Strategic Strength Workshop… Read more

Diesel Dad: An Upcoming Strength Training Program

Diesel Dad Begins UPDATE: After posting this yesterday it was brought to my attention that a Diesel Dad resource already exists! My friend Anders Verner (of Barbell Shrugged) texted me and was like: “I’ll see you in court.” Just kidding. He said, “Diesel Dad is a rad idea, and I truly hate writing this, but… Read more