All My Stuff Is On Sale This Week

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Just so we’re clear, by “all of my stuff is on sale,” I don’t mean my stuff stuff.

My furniture, appliances, car, vintage t-shirts, and movie quality Chewbacca masks are off limits.

No, what I am actually referring to are my digital continuing education resources:

All of them are on sale at 40% off their regular price starting today through Saturday, (9/18).

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Why Am I Putting My Stuff On Sale This Week?

Is it to celebrate Scottish bacteriologist Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin while studying influenza (this week in 1928)? Or maybe it’s to celebrate the first non-aristocratic, free public school to open in Europe in Frascati, Italy (this week in 1616)?

Or, I don’t know, maybe it’s to celebrate the fact that the #1 movie this week back in 2003 was Robert Rodriguez’s Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

All are as good of a reason to celebrate and to subsequently put stuff on sale as any.

Alas, none of the reasons suggested above are the real reason.

The real reason is because this week, 40 years ago, in what I can only imagine was a lovely hospital somewhere in even lovelier Canada, Mrs. Somerset gave birth to none other than Dean Somerset – one of my best friends, non-sexual life partner, and long-time work husband.

I’ll refrain from any 40-Year Old Virgin jokes here, but suffice to say I am here to welcome Dean to his fourth decade of life; one more to go until that prostate exam!

(Or, wait, do they do it at 45 now? If so, shit, I only have a few more months left).

Anyway, like I said: All of the products Dean and I have collaborated on over the years are on Sale THIS WEEK ONLY (9/15-9/18) at 40% off their regular price:

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint (👈 Click For More Details)

(Even More) Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint (👈 Click For More Details)

The Complete Trainers’ Toolbox (👈 Click For More Details)


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