Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 9/13/21

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1. Coaching Beyond Cues & Programming: Lecture and Movement Workshop Training Diverse Bodies & Identities – w/ Tony Gentilcore and Justice Williams

NOTE: Please reach out to Justice Williams HERE to register.

Sunday, Oct 3 | 1-4 PM EDT
Ethos Fitness + Performance
46 Wareham St. Unit 1A
Boston, MA 02118
Cost: $149

This workshop will focus on challenging the idea that all bodies require the same approach to fitness. Training participants through both lecture and movement components, we will explore together how to approach people, meet them where they are at, and join them on their fitness journey in a way that best suits them versus our ideas of goals or success.

2. Inside the Coach’s Mind Workshop – Boston (w/ Dr. Lisa Lewis)

I’ve long stated that the largest “gap” in knowledge for most fit pros isn’t the area of program design or the “x’s” and “o’s” of how to improve scapular upward rotation.

It’s the soft skills of coaching.

I.e., what’s going on in your head.

In more sage words…

…what’s really lacking in most fit pros’ repertoires is how to leverage your own way of thinking, feeling, and behaving in order to maximize your effectiveness as a coach, your rapport & working relationships with clients, and your own resilience and mental health.

This Fall my wife, Dr. Lisa Lewis, will be hosting Part 2 of her Psych Skills for Fit Pros course: Inside the Coach’s Mind.

Volume One covered motivation & behavior change.

Volume Two will go deep(er) into the coach’s psychology.

This live event will be held at Ethos Fitness & Performance in Boston’s beautiful South End district and it is NOT necessary to have gone through volume 1’s material in order to follow along. While everything is “connected” when discussing psychology, this will be new, stand-alone content covered.

For more information – dates, location, cost, & itinerary – go HERE.





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Hook Grip Mastery: Everything You Need to Know – Manny Buitrago

I’m too much of a wimp, personally, to use the hook grip; but it’s efficacy with regards to lifting things is well established.

This is an AMAZING article that covers everything you need to know on the topic.

The Right Way to Partial – Josh Bryant

Some view partial ROM lifts as a key component to developing maximal strength. Others view them as an act worse than drop kicking a baby seal in the face.

The answer, as always, is somewhere in the middle.

Josh does an excellent job at explaining the good, the bad, and the “when to do partials?” in this quick read.

Twenty Years of Reflection: Was it Worth It? – George Kalantzis

Photo by Anthony Fomin on Unsplash

George is a good friend of mine and some may recall the name because he’s written several articles on this site throughout the years.

George served as Marine in the years following 9/11 and spent time in both Afghanistan & Iraq. He reflects on whether or not it was all “worth it” now that our longest war has seemingly come to an end.

Did what you just read make your day? Ruin it? Either way, you should share it with your friends and/or comment below.

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