Diesel Dad: An Upcoming Strength Training Program

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Diesel Dad Begins

UPDATE: After posting this yesterday it was brought to my attention that a Diesel Dad resource already exists! My friend Anders Verner (of Barbell Shrugged) texted me and was like:

“I’ll see you in court.”

Just kidding.

He said,

“Diesel Dad is a rad idea, and I truly hate writing this, but we already created this branding, own the copyrights, Diesel Dad Mentorship, Mastermind Diet, and training programs.”

(FYI: You can check it out HERE).

I was bummed to hear this news and certainly respect the fact that Diesel Dad is already in excellent hands. To that end, Bryan and I are still going to be running a similar program and just need to come up with another appropriate name I suppose:

  • DadStrong?
  • DadBuilt?
  • Brick Shithouse Diesel Motherfucker Club?

Nevertheless, we’d still very much appreciate your feedback (continue reading below).


My son, Julian, was born just over four years ago.

In his first year of life my workouts had to be modified quite a bit. For starters I was a very sleep deprived dad who couldn’t tell the difference between 7 AM and 7 PM.

I still made training regularly a priority, but gone were the days where I hung my hat on 90 minute gym sessions. I needed to be more efficient with my training.

Get in, get out, go take a nap.

Secondly, the year he was born was also the same year I turned 40.

Now, to offset any eye-rolls heading in my direction: Age is just a number.

I’m not one of those people who feels that just because you turn a certain age that that automatically means you have to completely overhaul your workouts or training approach. I mean, granted, at 40 I wasn’t disillusioning myself into thinking I’d be jumping off any top ropes like Randy Macho-Man Savage or sprinting down the track like the T-1000.

However, I also wasn’t going to be reaching for the walking stick any time soon. I still had aspirations of training fairly aggressively.

As it happened, that year ended up being one of the best and most productive training years of my life. I was consistent, stayed healthy, kept my body composition in check, and was finally able to hit my goal of a 600 lb deadlift:


Furthermore, in the years since, I’ve been able to maintain (most of) my strength as well as bolster my admittedly childish goal of being the most diesel looking dad at my kid’s daycare.

It sounds silly, but I know there are many, many dads over 40 out there who are interested in the same thing.

  • They recognize they’re not 25 anymore.
  • However, they still want to get after it in the gym.
  • They’re also strapped for time.
  • Yet, they still want to look and be strong.

About a month after Julian was born the phrase “Diesel Dad” popped into my head. I thought to myself, “that’s a killer alliteration.” But more importantly that it was a baller idea, and in a rare occurrence of proactiveness I did a domain search and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was available to purchase.

I bought it thinking that maybe, at some point down the road, I’d put it to use.

That Time Is Now

My good friend and colleague, Bryan Krahn, and I have been tossing around the idea of putting together a program for Jason Bourne wannabe’s dads for a number of years now. I mean, we both became dads at relatively the same time and we’re both, at this point, approaching our mid-40’s.

(And, not coincidentally, we are both still pretty diesel).

We’re living, breathing, epitomes of our target market.

All that said, while we have a good idea of what we want to accomplish with the program, we’d be remiss not to do our due diligence and ask, specifically, what do YOU, dear future diesel dad want?

A Little Help?

If you’re a dad (or mom) who’s 35+ and interested in a program that will help you get stronger, satiate your inner meathead, help navigate around common injuries, and take into account that your time is valuable…

…can you help us out?

Can you take a few minutes to complete THIS questionnaire?

It’ll help Bryan and I figure out what Diesel Dad can and should be, as well as possibly highlight things we haven’t thought of yet.

Like, do we include a litany of dad jokes? Steak recipes? Nunchuck training?

Help us, help you.

Go HERE (👈 seriously, it’ll be immensely appreciated)

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