Standing Out From the Crowd: Appearance On the Your Fitness Money Coach Podcast

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I was recently invited onto the Your Fitness Money Coach Podcast hosted by Billy Hofacker. Some of you may recognize the name because Billy has penned several informative guest posts on this site surrounding financial literacy in the past year.


I was thrilled to post his content here because he has expertise in a topic that many fitness professionals need dire help with. To speak candidly, I wish I had access to this kind of content earlier in my career.

Nevertheless, Billy invited me onto his show to discuss what ended up being a bevy of topics. He ended up titling it “Standing Out From the Crowd,” and I think it was the right call. I mean, I personally would have gone with something like “Tony is the Wind Beneath All of Our Wings,” or “Tony’s Pecs Had me at Hello,” but whatever.

I’m not here to split straws.

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Standing Out From the Crowd

Billy is an excellent conversationalist and I enjoyed going back in time to discuss how I went about differentiating myself from the masses creating content and building my own brand from scratch.

I hope you give the episode a listen and be sure to check out more of Billy’s stuff.  I’m not kidding: He’s an abyss of information and practical knowledge around business and finances.

Listen HERE (direct link) or HERE (iTunes)

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