The One Thing Many Lifters Fail to Understand: Easy Training Is Good Training

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Forget the more esoteric nuances of things like Heart Rate Variability, the efficacy of cold baths, or whether it’s better to follow a concurrent or linear periodization training program for best results.

For superior results in the weight-room I’d make the argument that the ONE thing many lifters fail to appreciate and understand is that easy training is good training.

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Easy Training Is Good Training

This past weekend I had the lovely experience of performing a rap battle presenting (alongside my wife) at the Raise the Bar Conference in Dallas, TX.

One of the key talking points I attempted to drive home during our talk was this idea that easy training is good training.

I love to explain it like this:

  • 10% of your workouts you’re going to feel like Mick Jagger on cocaine. I.e., The weights will just fly up and you’ll make a run at a PR (or two).
  • 10% of your workouts you’re going to feel like Mick Jagger the day after. I.e., You feel like you got run over by a Mack truck. I.e., warm-up weights feel like they’re cemented to the floor.
  • 80% of your workouts are the ones where you go in and just do the work. You show up, get your reps in, and leave.

I’d argue for most people, most of the time, they should leave the gym wanting more. This is what 80% workouts are all about.

Don’t get me wrong: there’s a time and place for workouts and/or programs that exist solely to be ass-kickers and make you hate life:

  • Smolnov
  • German Volume Training
  • Sheiko
  • Anything involving a chain saw.

The thing to consider, though, and what many fail to recognize, is that programs like the ones mentioned above are designed to be done once a year (if that) and only for a fraction of time.

A small window of hell if you will.

They’re not designed to be done week in and week out for an extended length of time.

I mean heck, if you don’t believe me, take a deep dive into many of the most popular (strength) training programs of all-time (5/3/1, Juggernaut, Cube Method, any of Travis Mash’s programs). If you dissect any of them you’ll find the bulk of the work being done in those programs is in the 75-85% of 1RM territory.

Nothing hardcore or extreme to say the least.

It’s smart training, designed to ensure people feel fresh, recovered, and ready to attack every training session without, hopefully, all the bumps and bruises along the way.

In short: Focus on those 80% workouts. The ones you do on a random Thursday. Those are where you actually make progress over time.

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