Monthly Archives: September 2011

Mistakes Skinny Guys Make: Training Environment

In case you missed the previous installments, in Part One I basically told skinny guys around the world what time it was and said that they needed to eat something.  In Part Two, it was all about covering the basics.  This… Read more

A Tale of Two Gym Bags

Like everyone else out there reading on the internets, I’m not a huge fan of change (which is kind of ironic given I’ve moved every year for the past seven years).  I’m a creature of habit and generally like my day to day operations to… Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Forearm Wall Slides

It’s been a while since I’ve done an “exercises you should be doing” segment, so I figured with all of our pro-baseball guys making their way back to the facility to start their off-season it would be prudent to delve into some of the exercises… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 9/27/11

Note:  if nothing else, if you’re not interested in reading the articles posted below (jerk), scroll down to the bottom because I need your help! Seriously, do it. Which Side Are You On? – Martin Rooney If you’ve never had… Read more

A Quick Ah-HA Moment

As is the case every Friday night, I typically come home from work around 6 PM, give Lisa a high five, grab my laptop and a few books, toss them into my backpack, and walk down to the local Starbucks or Panera Bread to have… Read more

My Case Against the Leg Press

Without much hesistation, I’d argue that there isn’t any one exercise in the fitness community that’s more hotly debated than the leg press.  On one side of the fence, you have those who are interested soley in aesthetics and really only care… Read more

Training Rotator Cuff to Fatigue = FAIL!

When it comes to keeping the shoulder healthy (and thus, athletes on the playing field) there are a whole host of things to consider: Making sure one has ample t-spine mobility. Is glenohumeral strength up to snuff? What about scapular stability?  For many, it stinks, and… Read more

Pretty Much The Best Video, Ever

As someone who has an avid disdain for Planet Fitness and everything they represent (from their idiotic lunk alarm, the “judgement free” policy they claim to follow, and of course, free pizza day….WTF!!!!), the following piece – which was featured on The Daily Show earlier… Read more