Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 9/16/2011

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How Women Should Train!  My Rant – Marianne Kane

<==  That’s Marianne. Uh, ladies.  I’d listen to her.

You know me: I’d rather pour battery acid into my eyes than listen to one iota of what Tracy Anderson has to say.  For me at least, a ham sandwich knows more about the human body than she does, and I wholeheartedly feel that she’s a quack and has single handedly helped bring the fitness industry back to the stone ages with much (if not all) of her “claims” with regards to women and weight training.

That said, while Tracy is undoubtedly a marketing Jedi – utilizing key words like tone, lean, tiny, and everything else in between to tug at women’s heartstrings – it’s pretty shady business to say the least.  Which is why I LOVE posting to links that attempt to persuade people from drinking the Tracy Anderson kool-aid.

Why Am I So Tired? – Allen Tucker

t’s funny:  when it comes to optimal or improved performance, people are always debating what programs to use, what are the optimal set/rep schemes, what’s the ideal amount of calories to take in, what supplements to take,  yada yada yada, you name it, it’s all been done before.

The last thing on the list (yet, arguably the most imporant) is sleep!  This is a really, really great article that goes into pretty extensive detail on the in’s and out’s of getting a good night’s sleep.

Video That Will Most Likely Cause A Small Piece of Your Soul to Die

And, lastly, if the following video doesn’t make you spit coffee all over your computer screen (sorry about that), then I don’t know what will.  Specifically I’m referring to the part – around the 1:30 mark – where the woman discusses how their unique “infared technology” increases metabolism.  You know, like, it makes you sweat and stuff.  And don’t even get me started on the contraption they discuss at the 3:50 mark.   Just watch, you’ll see.

Excuse me while I go fall on a knife.

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