4-Week Better Body Plan: Muscle

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Below is a link to my latest article on Livestrong.com.  While some may bicker that I didn’t take the “traditional” approach with regards to the topic (Note:  there’s no bro-science involved), I hope the overall message is clear:  you need to train big, to get big.



Hypertrophy. Jacked. Ripped. Diesel. Project Swolification. Whatever your preferred descriptor phrase or word of choice, adding appreciable size in the form of muscle mass is at the top of most trainees’ goals list.

Certainly there are health benefits to consistently lifting weights and increasing muscle mass — improved bone health and density, improved immune function, increased energy, reduced risk of injury, improved insulin sensitivity and a vast decrease in the incidence of metabolic syndrome, just to name a few. But at the end of the day, what really matters for many trainees is being able to walk down the street in a medium T-shirt on and know they look yoked, with large, protruding muscles.

The problem is that while having biceps the size of Kansas and a chest that can deflect bullets are common goals for most guys — and quite a few girls too — many will never come close to achieving “the look.”
Even if that’s exactly what happened to you in the past, it doesn’t have to happen again. Once you learn how to overcome the common sticking points, you can bust through and start building serious muscle.

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Note:  for some reason, the article itself is a bit “glitchy.”  There should have been a sample 4-week training template included, so hopefully that will be fixed shortly.  Sorry!

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