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Welcome to My World

It’s Friday, and it’s like 60 degrees outside, so I’m going to keep this one short. Read: I’m headed down to the Minuteman Trail to watch all the people who shouldn’t be jogging (I should take videos and make that into an EPIC blog post), and time permitting, hang out in Harvard Square and read… Read more

140 Lb Dude Looking For His Six Pack. Here’s a Hint: You’re 140 Lbs!!!!!

Someone linked to this article a few weeks ago in the comments section, and I’m just now recovering from the massive brain hemorrhage I suffered from reading it. To summarize, CNN felt it news worthy to run a story about some 27 year old dude named Jason (who sadly, is originally from my neck of… Read more

I Hate “Girl” Push-Ups

Oh, where to begin. I’m in a bit of a conundrum here. On one hand, I’m not going to lie. I’ve watched that video at least 37 times this morning (for obvious reasons), and I’m contemplating calling in to work today. On the other, those have got to be some of the worst looking push-ups… Read more

Eating Right For Your Body Type (Hint: It Doesn’t Include Dunkin Donuts)

Normally I try to avoid writing about controversial topics such as blood type diets, colon cleansing, intermittent fasting and such, because in all honesty, I think it’s a bunch of voodoo nonsense. Not to mention I know someone is going to get their panties up in a bunch and write some long rant in the… Read more

Tuesday Titulating Thoughts (May or May Not Contain Footage of a Certain Fitcast Host Get Dominated While Benching) Hint: It Totally Does

1. The seminar this past weekend was a blast. It was great to see friends I haven’t seen in a while, as well as listen to some awesome presentations. On an aside, it was nice to finally attend a seminar without the token “guy with jeans and UnderArmour shirt” on. Likewise, I didn’t see anyone… Read more

A Weekend of Learning and Eating Beef Jerky (But That Goes Without Saying)

Going to keep this one short and sweet today (although I should get some brownie points for posting two days in a row). Tomorrow I’ll be attending Mike Boyle’s 3rd Annual Strength and Conditioning Winter Seminar, which I am definitely looking forward to. I almost feel like a groupie since I’ve gone every year from… Read more

You’re Just Going to Have to Click to See What This Post is About (Hint: Belly Button Involved)

So we’re six weeks into 2009 and I’m curious as to whether or not you’ve stuck with your New Year’s Resolutions? I know I have: 1. Get Sexy…………check. 2. Get my butt in gear and start writing articles again…………check (submitted one to t-nation just the other day). 3. Possibly plan a trip to Greece for… Read more

The Key To Fat Loss: Lift Heavy Things (There I Said It)

I just don’t get it. Why is it that you rarely (if ever) see books geared towards fat loss advocating people to lift heavy things off the ground? I was at the bookstore Friday night, and out of habit, I was photo copying the Kama Sutra I was perusing books in the health/fitness section, and… Read more