A Weekend of Learning and Eating Beef Jerky (But That Goes Without Saying)

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Going to keep this one short and sweet today (although I should get some brownie points for posting two days in a row). Tomorrow I’ll be attending Mike Boyle’s 3rd Annual Strength and Conditioning Winter Seminar, which I am definitely looking forward to. I almost feel like a groupie since I’ve gone every year from the get go; accept I don’t dress like a slut and try to sleep with any of the presenters. Although I’d probably make an exception if Mike ever happened to get figure competitor/fitness model Jamie Eason to speak. Or, I don’t know, just stand in a corner somewhere

Anyways, it’s going to be an awesome seminar to say the least. Mike has a solid group of presenters lined up:

Training and Rehabilitation Strategies for the Pelvis and Hip: John Pallof RPT

John’s kind of a big deal, you know, since he has an exercise named after him. The Pallof Press:

John’s presentation will focus on the training and rehabilitation of athletes with hip and groin injuries with particular emphasis on the sports hernia issue. I have the opportunity to work with John almost on a weekly basis when he comes to the facility to treat some of our athletes. Hands down, one of the brightest minds out there when it comes to manual therapy.

Off-Season Baseball Training: From Assessment to Opening Day: Eric Cressey

Eric will demonstrate how to take a baseball player from the initial evaluation to the start of spring training.

I listen to Eric talk everyday, so I’ll probably skip this one. LOL. Just kidding. Seriously though, I hope there’s a snack bar available.

Training Considerations for Basketball: Brijesh Patel

Basketball players are different than other athletes and these differences need to be reflected within their physical training. Learn what considerations need to be made for training basketball players as well as modes and progressions that can be implemented right away.

Always love listening to Brijesh speak because he just says it like it is. Check out his website here.

Concussions and Sports: Chris Nowinski

Chris will give an in-depth overview of the sports concussion crisis. It will include his personal story about being forced to retire from World Wrestling Entertainment due to post-concussion syndrome and the information that inspired him to write Head Games: Football’s Concussion Crisis. He will cover the latest research coming out of Boston University’s new Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy, including post-mortem examinations of athletes’ brains. Finally, he will provide practical information and tools to help professional in any line of work with concussed athletes serve their clients better.

This one should definitely be interesting. Which is to say, I wonder if he wrestled The Rock?

Which is to also say, what are the odds that Chris will suplex the shit out of me if I ask that question this weekend?

Practical Strategies for Preventing Low Back Pains: Mike Robertson

In this presentation Mike will discuss: Typical causes of everyday low back pain; The role of the pelvis, surrounding musculature and force couples; Training Interventions (core training, flexibility/mobility, etc.); Behavior Modification

Mike’s a good friend of mine who is a superb speaker. He has a knack of taking complex material and dumbing it down in way that even my mother can understand. On an aside, I’m actually going to be heading out to his neck of the woods soon (Indianapolis) to check out his and Bill Hartman’s facility, and I can’t wait. Little known fact about Mike. Best. Wing-man. EVER!!11!1!!

Training for Ice Hockey: Michael Boyle

Michael’s presentation will focus on the concepts that have made him a world leader in the training of ice hockey players, both male and female. The presentation will move from the basics for young players to training the NHL player.

Mike is by far the most quotable coach in the industry, and has been a great influence on me over the past few years. On one hand I am indebted to him for all of the ways he has helped me become a better coach. On the other, I basically hate his guts because he trained Jennifer Garner a few years ago and never got me an autograph. Jerk!

UPDATE: Mike just sent me en e-mail and asked if I’d be willing to do a presentation as well. Mine’s tentatively titled: Attending a Seminar on Valentine’s Day: Dude, You’re Sooooooooooo in the Dog House For the Next Week: An Analytical Look On Why You’re An Idiot.. I’m pretty sure this may be published on pubmed soon. Have an awesome weekend everybody!

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