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It’s Friday, and it’s like 60 degrees outside, so I’m going to keep this one short. Read: I’m headed down to the Minuteman Trail to watch all the people who shouldn’t be jogging (I should take videos and make that into an EPIC blog post), and time permitting, hang out in Harvard Square and read Twilight with my shirt off. Anyways, I often get asked what my training looks like, so I figured I’d post yesterday’s training session.

Pre-Work: foam rolling and dynamic flexibility drills.

The Part Where I Get My Swole On:

A. Speed Trap Bar Deadlifts: 5×2






500×2: worked up to one heavy set of two. As of the past two weeks, I’ve been deadlifting three times per week; smart I know.

B1. Giant Cambered Bar Goodmornings: 4×6





B2: Half Kneeling Cable Lift w/Core Bar: 3×8/side (which is officially my new favorite “core” exercise. The video below is from Mike Robertson’s video library on Youtube.)

C1: DB Reverse Lunge: 2×8

I was about to start my third set when the gang decided to do some sled pushing. Eric Cressey posted this video in his blog yesterday, but I figured I share the awesomeness here as well. The basic premise (as noted from Eric’s blog):

1. Sled (on the floor, not turf) with four plates on it.

2. Four guys (in this case, Eric, Pete, myself, and one of our high school seniors).

3. 16 trips of 16 yards as fast as possible.

4. Ideally, each guy does four full trips, but when one guy can’t get it done, somebody has to step up and finish his trip.

For those don’t know which one was me, you can pause the video at 5:18 (WELCOMETOTHEGUNSHOW). Incidentally, I was also the one who went on to finish his workout afterwards while the rest where contemplating spewing junks. I totally don’t suck at life.

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