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Cleaning Up Carry Technique

One quick housekeeping item to get out of the way first. 1.  Just a reminder from Monday’s post:  This is an open invitation for anybody located in or around the Boston area to attend Lisa’s spin class tomorrow (Saturday). You can check out the spin studio HERE. And you can sign up for Lisa’s class… Read more

Newsflash: People Lifted Weights Before CrossFit

Two quick stories – both of which serve as the impetus behind this post. 1. I can’t tell you how long I resisted the whole Lululemon phenomenon.  Mind you:  I’ve always been a big fan of their work. All apologies to my gay guy friends, but I have a Y chromosome  – so sue me for… Read more

Add Some “Flow” to Your Warm-Up

I could easily pull a fast one and just tell everyone to start playing some Tribe Called Quest or Nas during their warm-ups and call it day. Done, you just added some flow. But I feel that would do nothing but yield a bunch of weird looks and not really give me much “cred” as… Read more

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: Coaching Advice, Warming-Up, and Spinning

NOTE: I have a favor to ask of all Boston-based readers.  If you live in or around Boston, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post (#4).  It’s life or death.  Well, not really…..but you should scroll down anyways. 1. One of the best pieces of advice I received when I was a… Read more

A Simple Way to Increase the Total Number of Push-Ups and Chin-Ups You Can Perform

This post is mostly targeted towards women, but there are plenty of guys who should heed this advice as well. Whenever I start working with a female athlete or client almost without fail one of their long-standing goals is to be able to perform “x” number of push-ups or pull-ups/chin-ups. NOTE:  thankfully, one of the… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 1/23/14

Lets just jump right into the list this week Top 5 Reasons Your Diet Isn’t Working – Chad Landers We’re three weeks into the new year and inevitably there are many people out there wondering why their “diet” isn’t working yet. Chad helps shed some light on some common mistakes. 11 Reasons People Think Calories… Read more

4 Reasons to Join My Premium Workout Group

Since it’s launch earlier this week I’ve had several people contact me to ask one simple question:  “How is the Tony Gentilcore Premium Workout Group different from any other product on the internet?” It’s a very fair question, and I wanted to take several moments to answer it as thoroughly as possible. Since it’s one… Read more

Front Squat: Benefits and Technique

And we’re off! First things first:  I’d like to thank everyone who chimed in to offer their support and words of encouragement with regards to the Premium Workout Group yesterday. To say I’m really excited for this opportunity would be an understatement, and I can’t wait to see the results people will get following my… Read more