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Exercises You Should Be Doing: TRX Busdriver

While the world is currently at a standstill over the Royal Wedding pukefest coverage, I for one have stayed true to my word, and haven’t watched one single second of it.  And, despite their efforts to the contrary – I wouldn’t let any of the… Read more

Forks Over Knives

A friend of mine emailed me yesterday and gave me a link to this trailer (seen below) which apparently was shown on The Dr. Oz Show recently.  I don’t have television, so I had no idea that this movie was being made, but after watching… Read more

Leaky Roof Syndrome

To begin, yesterday, I had just finished my training session when Eric walked up to me and said, “you’re 12:30 eval is here; she’s waiting in the office.”   Oops – twenty minutes early.  I head over to the stereo to turn-off the Wu-Tang (not exactly… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 4/26/2011

How I Create a Perfect Fat Loss Day – John Romaniello When a guy like Roman talks about fat loss, people listen – and with good reason (he’s purty).  More importantly, though, what I got most from this particular post is how… Read more

Sometimes the Little Things DO Matter

We’ve all heard the adage, “don’t sweat the small stuff.”  Taking it a step further, we’ve even gone so far as to say – at least in the gym setting – that those people who focus more on the minutia are doing nothing more than… Read more

Random Training Thoughts (Yes, I Stole This Blog Title from Mike Robertson)

Normally I save these type of posts for Miscellaneous Miscellany Mondays, but I’ve got a few things rocking around in my brain at the moment that I needed to just throw out there. Deadlifts are King Everyone knows that I have an affinity… Read more

Simple Is a Simple Does

Before we begin, I’m going to state right off the bat that some shenanigans went down last night. It all started with my girlfriend and I deciding to head out for a nice romantic evening of steak tips and watching some baseball at the… Read more

What’s Your Sentence?

For those of you who visit this blog on a regular basis, you know that I like to read.  At any given point, I usually have my nose (or ear) glued to 3-4 books at once.  Of course, I’m always reading something dealing with strength… Read more