Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 4/26/2011

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How I Create a Perfect Fat Loss Day – John Romaniello

When a guy like Roman talks about fat loss, people listen – and with good reason (he’s purty).  More importantly, though, what I got most from this particular post is how he breaks up his day from a productivity standpoint.  I mean, I work with a guy (Eric Cressey) who will write a book in the time it takes me to take a dump, and I’m constantly amazed at the amount of work he can get done on any given day.  This post, specifically, lite a fire underneath my ass.  Thanks John!  This was awesome.

BSP Nutrition Tip #6 – Eat Lots of Healthy Fat – Brian St. Pierre (via Diesel Crew)

Jim “Smitty” Smith and the rest of the Diesel Crew just revamped their website and it looks sweet!  Here’s a fantastic article (which is part of series) written by my boy, Brian St. Pierre, on healthy fats and why you’re an idiot if you continue to avoid them like the plague.

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them 100% of the Time – Dean Somerset

Fantastic post by Dean on what REALLY motivates us to reach our goals.  One word:  Emotionalification.  Yes, I just made that word up, but if you’re able to find the emotional background of your goals, as Dean notes, you’ll never have to worry about setting a goal that never gets achieved.

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