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Exercises You Should Be Doing: Kickstand RDL w/ Banded Accentuated Eccentric

Let me set the record straight: 1. Just because an exercise has a long name (like this one), doesn’t mean it’s better or more effective. 2. I was just going to call it Banded Thingamajiggy, but it didn’t make made sound smart enough. Suffice to say: The name is a mouthful, but it’s an exercise that… Read more

Failures Hurt. Here’s What I Learned From One

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of good friend, colleague, and past contributor to this site, Kim Lloyd.  If you’re a coach/personal trainer you’ve likely experienced what Kim describes below… …being “fired” by a client. It never feels good. But did you take it as an opportunity to reflect, learn, and grow or to just shrug… Read more

Writing Confidence For Fit Pros

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of regular contributor, Shane McLean. It should come as no surprise I’m a firm advocate of fit pros having the ability to write and write well. Doing so can easily be a way to separate oneself from the masses (as well as opening up opportunities to develop alternate revenue streams)…. Read more

Putting the Pro In Fitness Professional

What does it mean to be a fitness professional? The definition (or more to the point, the expectation), admittedly, has gotten a bit less clear cut in recent years. Putting the “Pro” In Fitness Professional I could sit here and wax poetic that what separates a “true” fitness professional from someone who’s pretending to be… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 3/19/21

STUFF TO CHECK OUT FIRST 1. 10 Year Anniversary Sale on is the world’s leading un-biased nutrition and supplement resource.  It’s a website I have used often in the past decade to better educate myself. They’re currently putting their two best products on sale at a significant discount to make their 10-year anniversary…. Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Band Assisted Scapular Upward Rotation

I’m obsessed with shoulder blades. I know it’s an eyebrow raising comment to make and borderline weird, but it’s true. I dig shoulder blades. But before you click the “get me the hell off this page” button, let me clarify… I believe most (not all) of people’s shoulder woes can be attributed to the shoulder… Read more

Math For Gym Bros: How to Set Up Calories For a Mass Gaining Phase

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of United Kingdom based strength & nutrition coach, Harry Archer. Harry wrote a popular article for the site a few weeks ago titled Why Tony’s Pecs Can Cut Diamonds Why Gym Bros Should Periodize Their Nutrition that you can check out HERE. He’s back with another edition of “Gym Bros… Read more

The One Simple Trick that Can Change Your Eating Habits, Improve Your Food Choices, and Help You Lose Weight and Feel Your Best. No, Really!

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Minneapolis based nutrition coach, Megan Schall.  Megan contributed a guest post to the site a few weeks ago that ended up being very popular, and today she’s back with another gem that I feel can help a lot of people. Nutrition can be a highly confusing and convoluted topic… Read more