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I’m often asked if I’d ever think about starting my own podcast.

My answer generally ranges from “I’d rather jump into a live volcano” to “no.”


1. Time. Between a brick and mortar business, workshops, travel, writing responsibilities, and a wife & kid I’d like to hang out with on occasion I simply don’t have the time to pull it off with all the logistics involved.

2. In terms of sharing content my strengths are tapping away on my keyboard while my cat nestles next to me and being in introvert heaven. Being the host of my own podcast, while I think I “may” be good at it, just isn’t my bag.

3. Besides, I’m fortunate enough to be popular enough to be invited onto 1-2 podcasts per month anyway.  So, I kinda already do do a podcast…😂

To that end, my latest podcast appearance is one of my favorites of all-time.

More Train Less Pain Podcast

Dr. Michelle Boland & Dr. Tim Richardt invited me onto their show recently, and what I really dug about the experience was that there as a theme rather than them asking me about my “fitness journey” or “my top 5 reasons to deadlift on a Thursday.”

In this episode we count down “The Top 3 Things We’ve Changed Our Minds About in the Past 5 Years”. 🤔

Whether you’re a fan of rehabilitation semantics, sub-maximal training, or obscure 1980s Superman movie references, this show’s got something for you.

💥BONUS CONTENT; stick around for the back half, where Michelle and I solve all personal trainer’s financial problems in 30 minutes. 💸

HERE‘s the direct link to listen on the More Train Less Pain website.

HERE‘s the link via iTunes (Episode #3)

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