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Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 1/30/15

Before we dive into this week’s list of stuff to read I wanted to remind everyone about TWO workshops I’ll be doing down in Australia in March. The first one will be a 2-Day event held in Ballina, NSW on Saturday and Sunday, March 7-8th. Details can be found HERE. The second one will be… Read more

Making Difficult Lifts Easier

The word “easier” is subjective in this context. I mean, can we really make a squat or deadlift easy? Maybe a better way to state things is to say “easier to perform so that someone doesn’t shit their spine.” As a strength coach it’s obviously important for me to help get people stronger – especially… Read more

The Most Neglected Function of the Core In Training for Sports

Note From TG: Today I have a treat for everyone: a guest post from world renowned strength and conditioning coach, writer, and educator, Nick Tumminello. Nick’s someone whom I have a lot of respect for, and someone who I feel is at the upper echelon of coaches who “get it.” He recently released an excellent… Read more

Because Heavy Things Won’t Lift Themselves Workshop(s). I.e., Tony and Lisa Are Going to Austrailia

Wait, wait, wait! Don’t click away!!! Most of the people reading this don’t live in Australia and (probably) won’t be interested in the details that follow. Fair enough. So, in an effort to make up for it – and so that you don’t leave this post empty handed – I wanted to share my latest… Read more

Favorite Movies of 2014 (The Uppity Movie Snob Version)

I’ve made it known that if I weren’t a strength coach I’d somehow try to find a way to watch movies for a living. Okay, that’s a lie. First I’d want to be a professional baseball player. Second choice would be an Avenger. And third would have to be starting my own taxi service using… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 1/23/15

I made a cameo appearance coaching up the Cressey Sports Performance Strength Camp (formerly known as Excellence Bootcamps) this morning in lieu of head CSP Group Fitness Instructor/Strength Camp coach George Kalantzis‘ absence. Why was George away? He had to go off and get married and have a kick-ass honeymoon this past week. As if… Read more

Barbell Bent Over Row Tutorial

Before I get to the real reason you clicked on today’s post, I have two tidbits of exciting news. 1. It’s been announced that (director) Paul Greengrass and (star) Matt Damon are going to be making another Jason Bourne movie, slated for release sometime in 2016. So, ladies, you can have the limelight and enjoy… Read more

Add This to the List of Topics You’d Never Thought You’d See On This Site: Mastering the Back Bend For Greater Strength

What’s next? Soy protein recipes? Note from TG: Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Cincinnati based personal trainer, Collin Messer. It’s on the back bend…which, admittedly, is a topic I never would have considered putting up on this site 3-5 years ago. I mean, if the topic didn’t revolve around deadlifts, deadlift variations, deadlift technique,… Read more