Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 1/23/15

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I made a cameo appearance coaching up the Cressey Sports Performance Strength Camp (formerly known as Excellence Bootcamps) this morning in lieu of head CSP Group Fitness Instructor/Strength Camp coach George Kalantzis‘ absence.

Why was George away? He had to go off and get married and have a kick-ass honeymoon this past week. As if that’s a good excuse!

Obviously I’m kidding with the whole ornery vibe1. Of course I’m very happy for George, and it was actually a nice welcome back, because I was once the “Friday guy” for a few months last year. It was fun to come back and coach some old (and new) faces and see people’s reactions to this AM’s workout:

The other benefit of coaching so early in the morning is that I get to leave early. I’m now home sitting at the table in a comfy pair of sweatpants catching up on some stuff. You know, writing this blog post, responding to emails, catching up on Season 3 of American Horror Story: Coven. The important stuff.

So, with all of my procrastination aside here’s this week’s list to stuff to read……

Why “Chest Up” In the Squat Is Wrong – Chris Duffin

“Arch, arch, arch, ARCH.”

For years that’s how we’ve always been told to squat. Unrack the bar, arch your back like a mofo, and then drop it like it’s hot. Whether or not you come back up is hit or miss.

The cue to arch isn’t wrong, it’s just not ideal.

Not ideal for a number of reasons, and Chris does a solid job at explaining why.

Which Routine Is For Me? – Andy Morgan

Andy is known for more of his nutritional expertise (he’s one of my “go to” nutrition guys), but I felt this was an excellent piece on discussing some of the criteria that needs to be considered/addressed when figuring out which programs is the right fit for any one individual.

The Pros and Cons of Powerlifting Training – Ben Bruno

Nailed it.

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  1. Although, getting up at 3:45 AM is about as fun as being scissor-kicked in the dick

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