Because Heavy Things Won’t Lift Themselves Workshop(s). I.e., Tony and Lisa Are Going to Austrailia

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Wait, wait, wait! Don’t click away!!!

Most of the people reading this don’t live in Australia and (probably) won’t be interested in the details that follow. Fair enough.

So, in an effort to make up for it – and so that you don’t leave this post empty handed – I wanted to share my latest article on titled How Low Should You Squat?

Okay, we good? No hard feelings, right? Cool.

With that out of the way…..

I’M GOING TO FREAKIN AUSTRALIA!!!!!!! (<— Nah, Nah, Nah, Naaaaaah)

First: I think it goes without saying I’m really1 excited for this opportunity.

Second: I’ve been hinting at it for a while now and have given some subtle “blurbs” here and there that something was in the works….but now I can FINALLY give everyone the details.

I’ll be giving TWO separate workshops in early March. The first one – a 2-day workshop – in Ballina, NSW on March 7th and 8th; and a second one – a 1-day workshop – in Sydney, NSW on Saturday, March 14th.

Ballina Workshop

When: Saturday and Sunday March 7-8th.

Where: RAW Fitness and Sports Training, Ballina, NSW.

Cost: $299 (AUD) Early Bird, $399 after February 20th.

Contact/Sign-Up: Shannan Maciejewski (, or go HERE to sign-up.

This will be a jam packed tw0 days where my objective will be to give the attendees as much of a Cressey Sports Performance experience as possible without actually stepping foot inside the facility.

I’ll be covering assessment, warm-ups, “corrective” exercise, program design, as well as placing a heavy emphasis on coaching the “big 3” (squats, bench press, deadlifts), as well as things like get-ups, swings, and probably bicep curls, because bicep curls are awesome.

In addition, my fiance, Dr. Lisa Lewis, will be in attendance and speaking on more of the “psychology” and behavioral change aspects of personal training and coaching, which is something many fitness professionals gloss over.

Sydney Workshop

When: Saturday, March 14th

Where: iPT, Woolloomooloo, NSW (<— say that 5x fast).

Cost: $199 (AUD) Early Bird, $249 after February 20th.

Contact/Sign-Up: James Garland (, or go HERE to sign-up.

With this workshop I’ll be placing a heavy emphasis on assessment (particularly upper extremity) and also speaking to “corrective” exercise strategies and program design around many common shoulder pathologies. And, I’m sure they’ll be some deadlift talk too.

Also, my fiance, Dr. Lisa Lewis, will give a brief presentation on the “psychology” behind training athletes and clients and how we can better create behavioral change.

As we say in Boston “she’s wicked smaht.”

Hope to you see you in a few weeks.

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