Add Some “Flow” to Your Warm-Up

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I could easily pull a fast one and just tell everyone to start playing some Tribe Called Quest or Nas during their warm-ups and call it day.

Done, you just added some flow.

But I feel that would do nothing but yield a bunch of weird looks and not really give me much “cred” as far as training advice is concerned.

My musical taste would be on point though.

Can I kick it?

Yes You Can!

After perusing a few videos from the likes of Dean Somerset, Max Shank, and Louie Guarino – and there are a litany of others – lately I’ve been toying around with more “flow” based warm-ups prior to my training sessions.

So, rather than performing the standard A (glute bridge) t0 B (ankle mobility drill) to C (T-spine mobiity) to D (forearm wall slide) to E (lunge pattern) to F (smashing my face into a cinder block from boredom) warm-up, I’ve been “flowing.”

Like This

And yes people, that is ERIC freakin CRESSEY (and Tank) doing what they do best…..videobombing me walking around in the background. Kudos to Eric for the commentary in the background too…..haha.

We like to keep things professional at the facility….;o)

This is a drill that really opens up the hips and is A LOT harder to do than it looks.  Starting off, I’ll do 2-4 passes of rocking side to side working on hip internal-external rotation.

From there I’ll come up onto my knees working into terminal hip extension.  I’ll also perform 2-4 passes on each side here as well.

Of Note:  be careful not to hyperextend through the lower back here.  Those with limited hip extension will tend to compensate with lumbar extension.

Then I’ll transition up onto my feet and work in a squat pattern, performing 2-4 passes on each side again.

I really like the seamless transition and positioning of the body and feel there’s a lot more carryover to everyday movement.

Don’t get me wrong:  for most people performing a more traditional warm-up that targets problematic areas is ideal.  But for those looking to step up their game, following more “flow” based warm-ups might be a nice change of pace.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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