Monthly Archives: August 2007

You Think Soy Is Good For You? Think Again.

First off, Vegas was awesome. Unfortunately I can’t tell you what I did because we all know what Rule #1 of going to Vegas is (what’s done in Vegas, stays in Vegas). I will say that the buffet at The Bellagio is unreal and that my girlfriend won $800 using the slots (AKA: dinner was… Read more

The World’s Best Coat Rack

I am off to Vegas with the girlfriend this weekend. No we are not eloping, and no we are definitely NOT going to see Celine Dion while we’re there. Sadly this will be the first time on a plane for me (I’m 30) and I heard through the grapevine that they’re taking bets in Vegas… Read more

Are High Heels Worth It?

Believe it or not, one of the first things I do with female clients of mine who come to me with back pain is to get them to stop wearing high heeled shoes all the time. I know there are many men out there cursing my name after having read that, but well… be it…. Read more

Don’t Worry About Minutia

Minutia: small or trivial details. Setting diets up based on percentages just doesn’t make sense (think The Zone Diet). When someone places protein, carbohydrate, or fat requirements in terms of percentages for a diet, it doesn’t necessarily have any relevance to what that person actually needs. A diet consisting of 30% protein may be too… Read more

Christmas in August?

For the past five years I have had the opportunity to work at various types of gyms/facilities. Some good, some bad. And by “bad,” what I really mean is Bally Total Fitness. I keed I keed. Seriously though, that place stinks. Right now I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I remember back in… Read more

Low Back Shenanigans (2 of 4)

Dr. Stuart McGill is smart (or is it smaht?). In any case, he’s essentially the world’s expert when it comes to lower back health and performance. Below is part II of a series of “tidbits” that my good friend Eric Cressey jotted down the last time we listened to Dr. McGill speak. Pay attention gym… Read more