Monthly Archives: April 2008

Maximum Strength

My good friend Eric Cressey just released his new book titled, Maximum Strength. Do yourself a favor and buy this book. As the back of the cover states, “most of the 23 million American men who lift weights do so to get bigger; unfortunately, many of them are going nowhere with watered-down bodybuilding routines that… Read more

Monday Randomness

So my trip to Vegas was spectacular. Obviously I can’t tell you everything that happened in Vegas (***note the synopsis below), but suffice it to say a great time was had. Today is going to be completely random, so forgive the sporadic nature of this blog post. 1. In case no one caught it last… Read more

Vegas, Baby!

Nothing witty to write today. I’m off to Vegas in literally 10 minutes and just wanted to say that I won’t be updating my blog till next week. Vegas is currently taking bets on whether or not I piss my pants during the plane ride. Also, if I happen to cross paths with Criss Angel,… Read more

A Good Week for CP

It was a spectacular week for a few of our high school baseball players. Senior Sam Finn of defending Division I state champion Lincoln-Sudbury pitched a no-hitter with 13 strikeouts. Agonquin junior John McKenna threw a perfect game, which included 11 strikeouts. And Weston junior Sahil Bloom had 12 strikeouts in six innings in a… Read more

Women and Paperweights

A client of mine sent me an article that was featured on a few weeks ago highlighting local brides who are trying to get in shape for their upcoming nuptials later this year. It may come as a surprise when I tell you that I’m not going to bag on the article too much…. Read more

Do Your Push-Ups

Click the play button below and close your eyes. ” alt=”Terri Hatcher” /> I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t figure out if I was listening to a human being or an elephant giving birth to a mack truck. Poor Terri Hatcher. And speaking of things that make your ears bleed, just the other… Read more

Nancy and the Boys

This is Nancy last Saturday performing her squats to a 12 inch box. What’s cool about this video is the fact that it was Nancy’s first time using the “big wheels,” (AKA: the 45 lb plates). She started training at Cressey Performance earlier this year and up until that time, had never lifted a weight… Read more

Nutrition 4-1-1

Want to know how many calories are in that McDonald’s Big Mac or Starbuck’s Caramel Macchiato before ordering? Next time you’re standing in line at your favorite chain restaurant, use your cell phone to text “diet1” with the name of the restaurant and menu item. Within seconds,’s “Nutrition on the Go” service will send… Read more