Monthly Archives: June 2012

19 Tips for the Deadlift

1. Read THIS.  It will change your life.  Well, not really.  But at the very least it will (hopefully) clean up your technique. 2. Wolff’s Law and Davis’s Law. You can’t discount physics. The former states that bone in a healthy person or animal will adapt to the loads it is placed under. The latter… Read more

How to Learn Functional Anatomy

Q: I need to improve my knowledge of functional anatomy (who doesn’t?). I know Cressey took a very comprehensive gross anatomy course down at UCONN as a grad student, but I was wondering how you approached improving this area in your based of knowledge? Was there a specific text that you used? Did you go… Read more

12 Epic Movie Scenes

When I was in Vancouver a few weekends ago for a friend’s wedding, the groom and I started chatting about movies (cause we’re both nerds) and he mentioned that he and a bunch of his friends often get together and show 5-15 minute clips of their favorite scenes from their favorite films. I think that’s… Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: 2-Bench Plank/DB Row

As some of you may or may not know I’ve been banged up as of late, and haven’t really been training up to my normal standards. I’m still heading to the gym everyday, of course (I work in one, so I have no excuse not to), but it’s been a bit of a downer the… Read more

Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 6/21/12

So the last two days I’ve put up some rather lengthy blogs – one over 2000 words, and the other just a shade over 1000, which by blogging standards is a lot.  Especially when you consider that many of the “experts” will tell you that the ideal word count for a post should be anywhere… Read more

Get Rid of the Toxicity In Your Life

I think a lot of what holds people back from attaining their goals – especially those which are more fitness and health related – is the incessant toxicity that permeates their life.  In a way, it’s almost as if we’re all self-sabotaging ourselves, playing the role of enabler to continue sucking at whatever it is… Read more

Reviewing the PTDC Hybrid Training Seminar: What I Learned (And Stuff)

WHEW…what a weekend! The first annual Personal Trainer Development Center Hybrid Training Seminar was a ginormous success, and a huge kudos goes out to Jon Goodman for pulling it off with flying colors. I had every intention of writing a review yesterday (Monday), but to be honest my brain was complete mush trying to digest… Read more

NEWSFLASH: Cressey Performance Is Taking Over the World

Well, not really.  But we are expanding to a new space within our current building that doubles our size to over 15,000 square feet., which is a step in the right direction. To say that we’re excited would be an understatement, and while there are a lot of renovations required to make this just the way… Read more