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Tony is Critical of CrossFit, But Should He Be?

Relax. My ego hasn’t ballooned to the point where I now refer to myself (and my posts) in the third person. Although I do kinda like the sound of it: Tony is critical of washing the dishes and putting them away, but should he be? Tony thinks Audi should sponsor this website, preferably by giving… Read more

Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 11/27/15

I had a baby yesterday. A food baby, that is. Soooooo  much food yesterday, as I’m sure many reading can commiserate with. But so worth it. I’m going to keep this one short today because Lisa and I have a full day a head of us…starting off with a big lift at my Alma Mater,… Read more

How and Why I Don’t Write My Own Programs

There’s a popular saying I use often: “The painter’s house is always the last one to get painted.” I can’t say I know many painters personally to know for certain that this is true – which sorta makes the saying moot – but it serves as a fitting metaphor to today’s post. I guess I… Read more

5 Mobility Exercises You’ve Probably Never Done, But Should

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Dean Somerset, who’s excellent new resource, High Tensile Strength, is set to be unleashed today to the masses. It’s a 6-month, semi-custom based training program based on how you move, where you need to work the most, and what your specific goals may be.  Even if you’re trying to… Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Band Resisted 1-Legged Hip Thrust

Guess where I’m going this morning? No, it’s not the gym (that’s later). No, it’s not the grocery store (again, later). And no, it’s not Tom Brady’s house (only in my dreams). I have to head to the RMV this morning to get my driver’s license renewed. (Cue sarcastic “yay” here) I can think of… Read more

Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 11/20/15

I just spent the past two days hanging out with my friend, and savage, Todd Bumgardner. [NOTE: if you’re not already reading his stuff and/or stalking following him on social media, you should.] He was in town for a workshop he was putting on at one of the Equinox locations here in Boston where he… Read more

Why Training In a Group Gives You Leverage

Today’s guest post comes with impeccable timing. Since I left Cressey Sports Performance a few weeks ago and started arm wrestling tanks working with people out of a small studio space in Boston (Run Strong Studio), I’ve switched gears a bit professionally reverting back to my roots focusing on semi-private training. CSP has used the… Read more

How To Improve Chin-Ups and Pull-Ups From the Ground

Excuse my language: but fuck what the scale says. I hate that the scale is often deemed the end-all, be-all measure of progress; the litmus test innumerable people gravitate towards to gauge their success when it comes to their health and well-being (or worse, self worth). I’ve written on this topic before – Should You Use… Read more