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SURPRISE. Bonus weekend edition post today from San Antonio based personal trainer, Jonathan Acosta. Jonathan has written a handful of posts on this site, most notably his popular Carbohydrate Rotation Revamped article.

Today he discusses what “superpower” is most beneficial for every trainer to be successful.1


Like any other guy I’m a bit of a comic buff. I don’t know if its just the whole concept of superheroes or my addiction to trying to be superhuman. But since I was a kid Ive always been fascinated by superheres

I would put a plastic grocery bag on my back like a backpack and jump off the roof in attempts to fly or at least float down.

I learned about physics and gravity that day, so I had to look for another method. Towels tied to your neck to make a cape didn’t cut it either.

Bear with me, I’m getting close to my point.

Out of all the superheroes Deadpool is my favorite. Followed by Superman.

I know I’m gonna get a lot of heat with this but I’m not much of a Batman fan. Mostly because one of my BFF’s secretly thinks hes Batman. Batdad is pretty cool though.


Superman is one of my favorites not because of his superhuman capabilities but because of what he represents. which is his true super power. The invincibility and flying is cool, but it’s not his best super power.

The cool thing about this super power is that as a trainer, we have that super power too…………….

Ok let me rephrase that.

Great trainers have this super power.

If you saw the movie Superman with a jacked Henry Canvil, you’d see what the S on his chest really means. In krypton it means hope. That’s Superman’s greatest super power.

His ability to give people hope.

As a GREAT trainer, this too is your greatest super power. The ability to give people hope. The ability to give them hope and provide them with a solution. You see, what seperates a good trainer and a great trainer is just that.


That’s cool that you can name every piece of the human anatomy. That’s cool that you know the best and most effective strength training or fat loss methods. But none of that will do you “Justice” (see what I did there?) like the ability to give your client hope.

If you’ve ever really sat down with a client and heard them out completely (which you should), you’d hear their pain and their struggle with whatever problem they bring forward to you.

It might be health reasons or performance. I know pain is subjective, but pain is still pain. And nothing alleviates pain like hope and action. Hope knowing that you are being provided with a proven path and are being guided by a “superhero”.

Followed by a plan of action to get to that superhuman version of you.

If men are from mars and women are from venus, then great trainers are from Krypton and CrossFit trainers are from Uranus.


There are some great CrossFit coaches out there. I just like busting your chops 😉

If this article teaches you anything it’d be to hone your super power.

Trust me, you’ll see some amazing things happen when a client is ignited with hope and with your guidance they will become their own version of superhuman.

Ignite the Fire”, so to speak.


So now that you know that you’re from Krypton and possess a superpower that can benefit all mankind…………

……………….What will you do with it?

About the Author

Jonathan Acosta is the founder of Underground Performance Center and head trainer at Get Sexy San Antonio and is a certified personal trainer though both ISSA and the NCEP, as well as Precision Nutrition Level I certified.

He likes lifting heavy things, reading books with big words in them, his steaks rare, funny stuff, writing stuff, hanging out with friends, and laughing.

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  1. Ability to squat the Empire State Building notwithstanding.

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