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Become a Superhero Trainer

SURPRISE. Bonus weekend edition post today from San Antonio based personal trainer, Jonathan Acosta. Jonathan has written a handful of posts on this site, most notably his popular Carbohydrate Rotation Revamped article. Today he discusses what “superpower” is most beneficial for every trainer to be successful. Enjoy! Like any other guy I’m a bit of… Read more

Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 11/13/15

I’m en route to LA as this goes live, via Virgin America Airlines. Look at me all fancy pants. It’s like a spaceship. Except not in space. Anyways, I have nothing of importance to say so lets get right to this week’s list shall we? Shifting In and Out of Patterns: A Discussion on Extension,… Read more

I’m Taking Over the Internet. But Not Really

I’ll be heading out to sunny LA this weekend to meet up with Dean Somerset for our last go at the Complete Shoulder & Hip Workshop of 2015. We’ve been on a tear lately with stops in Edmonton, St. Louis, and Chicago earlier this fall, and I hope people aren’t starting to get Dean and… Read more

The 3 S’s of Hybrid Training: How to Increase Speed, Size, and Strength

There aren’t many coaches out there who are as “diverse” as Nick Tumminello. He’s equal parts meathead and evidence based, which basically means he can sit at any table he wants to in the proverbial high-school cafeteria. It doesn’t matter if it’s with the cool-kids, football players, hipsters, Honor Society, or theater nerds…Nick’s “in” with… Read more

The Athletic Shoulder Workshop in Frisco, TX

I’ve been fortunate enough in recent years to have the opportunity to do more traveling for both business and pleasure…oftentimes combining the two. Upon being told by my wife that we’ll be making the trek down to Dallas, TX to visit family for Christmas, I asked if she’d be cool if I put out a… Read more

Stop “Should-ing” All Over Yourself

This past weekend I attended the I Am Not Afraid To Lift Workshop at Iron Body Studios in West Roxbury, MA. It’s an event created by Artemis Scantalides geared mainly towards women – although men are encouraged to attend too – that teaches strength training as a form of empowerment, a road to improved confidence,… Read more

Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 11/6/15

As a quick reminder: Dean Somerset and I will be in LA (Anaheim) next weekend (Nov. 14th-15th) for our Complete Interpretive Dance of Lord of the Rings Workshop Complete Shoulder & Hip Workshop. Not to get all emotional or anything, but here’s an email I received this morning from an attendee of our Chicago workshop: Dean… Read more

4 Easy Ways to Improve Classic Lifts

I’ve been on a “less is better” stick to the basics kick lately with my writing. Last week I wrote an article on T-Nation on why I feel “muscle confusion” is wack, and this week I have a new article on with a similar vibe… …extolling people to make the “classic” moves (squats, deadlifts,… Read more