4 Easy Ways to Improve Classic Lifts

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I’ve been on a “less is better” stick to the basics kick lately with my writing1.

Last week I wrote an article on T-Nation on why I feel “muscle confusion” is wack, and this week I have a new article on BodyBuilding.com with a similar vibe…

…extolling people to make the “classic” moves (squats, deadlifts, rows, presses, etc) a priority, but to also do versions of those lifts to help improve technique.

This image came up when I did a search for “classic exercises” in Google. I thought it was hilarious, and ran with it.

It’s a good article with some solid advice (if I do say so myself2). But I understand if your eyes glaze over. I get it: an article telling you to focus on the basics is about as exciting as watching NASCAR. Or this video:

However, I do offer some neat3 exercises you may find interesting and worth giving a try.

SHA-ZAM (<— You should read this)

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  1. Sorry, not very sexy. Like my butt

  2. And I do. Because I’m awesome

  3. What tha!? Did I just use the word “neat” in a sentence? What’s next telling everyone how nifty staplers are? No, wait, what about the word swell? As in, computers sure are swell aren’t they? I’m such a tool.

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