Monthly Archives: October 2009

A Serious Blog Post. Well, Kinda…….

Just so people aren’t under the impression that I was slacking, I had some technical difficulties with WordPress yesterday, and as a result, wasn’t able to get a blog out. Luckily, Morpheus (Webguy Chris) was able to fix the issue, and we’re back on point today. To that end, I just wanted to give everyone… Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Side Lying Rib Roll

I realized yesterday while at CP that It’s been a few weeks since the last installment of Exercises You Should Be Doing. So without further ado, lets get right to it. NOTE: Sorry for the hastiness, but I’m making this quick because I’m attempting to make dinner for my girlfriend tonight. I’ll need at least… Read more

Stuff I’m Reading, Have Read, or Going to Read. I’m Smart

1. Time Management- Successful People Series Part II – Roger Lawson Some of you may recognize Roger from his less than exemplary performance from a few months ago: I don’t know which made my eyes hate me more- those walking lunges or the AHHHHHHH, MY EYES, MY EYES. MAKE IT STOP. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE… Read more

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday

1. After posting a video of my PR deadlift on Friday, I got a lot of emails and messages on Facebook congratulating me. Thanks to all you wrote me! What’s interesting is that while I’m pretty happy with the lift, I know I left some in the tank. Mike Robertson actually e-mailed me later that… Read more

Leading You Into the Weekend….

I know I promised I’d post my deadlift video last night, but given that I was having trouble walking the rest of the day- which made coaching athletes a bit challenging- I drove home afterwards, and went straight to bed. Which is to say, I cried myself to sleep. On the bright side, I’m feeling… Read more

Test Day

Hmmmmm, what to write about today. Glute medius function and how it relates to anterior knee pain? Naw. Why I think guys who do ballistic barbell shrugs with 1/8 of an inch ROM (what’s the point? ) should perform a vasectomy with a Power Ranger action figure? Nope, not today. However, I’ll definitely hit on… Read more

Functional Strength Coach 3.0. Unlike Matrix Revolutions, a Sequel That Doesn’t Suck

It goes without saying that Mike Boyle is “kind of a big deal” in the fitness industry. Sure, I have written a few articles , have a fairly popular blog, and am the co-owner of a pretty kick ass strength and conditioning facility. But when it comes to really big names in the industry; those… Read more

Real World Evidence That Endurance Athletes Are Missing the Boat

It’s no surprise that one of my jobs as a strength coach is to get athletes to buy into this whole “lifting weights will make you better” thing. Basketball players are notorious for turning their backs to the weight room. Instead, many will spend their free time participating in pick up games, or worse, spending… Read more