Monthly Archives: November 2008

Giving Thanks to “Stuff”

My most favoritest time of year is finally here. Thanksgiving is pretty much the most perfect holiday ever invented. Copious amounts of delicious food + football + women in the kitchen = tears in my eyes. No, but seriously, it’s the one day out of the year where I don’t give a rats ass what… Read more

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday (Protein Makes You Fat, The Sexiest Man Alive, A New Blog You Should Read)

Haven’t done one of these in a few weeks, so lets get right to it. 1. Blanket Statement of the Week (courtesy of some random nutrition professor that I don’t know): “excess protein will be turned to fat.” A little back story. A friend of mine’s brother is in school. He’s taking a nutrition class…. Read more

The 10,000 Hour Rule

Earlier this week I picked up Malcolm Gladwell’s new book, Outliers: The Story of Success,and all I have to say is wow. I cannot put it down. For those who aren’t familiar with Gladwell, he also penned the books The Tipping Point and Blink, which also happen to be two amazing reads. In Outliers, the… Read more

Woman Gains Weight. Trainer Is a Nimrod.

I’ve heard a lot of asinine stuff in my time. My short list includes: 1. High protein diets will make your kidneys explode. 2. Protein powder will kill you (note to readers: as promised, I’ll be writing about protein powder supplements later this week). 3. One’s knees should never project over their toes will exercising…. Read more

Blah Blah Blah “Stop Doing Sit-Ups.” Blah Blah Blah. Is Anyone Listening?

Long story short, I trained at Hell-on-Earth Bally Total Fitness over the weekend, and in doing so, it reminded me just how lucky I am that I train at my own facility. You can only imagine all the things I saw that made me want to light my face on fire while I was there:… Read more

Hot Chicks + Chairs = Nobel Prize Worthy Fat Loss (That’s What I Like To Call Math People)

I am so conflicted today. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that when it comes to women and fitness I hate buzz words like tone, sculpt, or anything to do with Tracy Anderson. Moreover, the whole idea that women are these delicate creatures that shouldn’t lift anything more than a pink… Read more

Supplements Will Make You Swole/Yoked/Jacked. Or Something Like That.

I haven’t discussed supplements in quite some time, so I figured I might start a weekly discussion on them; maybe. Each week I’d like to pick a supplement and discuss it’s pros/cons/whether or not it will make chicks want to hang out with you, etc. Although I have to say that supplements are kind of… Read more

Deadlift Troubleshooting and I’m Pretty Sure I Found My Future Wife (Sorry Jen from Saugus Hooters)

Q: I am having issues with my deadlift. No matter what I do it seems that I can never get my deadlift to 400 lbs and above (which is embarrassing). Currently, I am using your Rule of 90 Percent article and finding great gains in everything but the deadlift. Do you have any suggestions or… Read more