Monthly Archives: January 2012

Upcoming Speaking Engagement

Earlier this month, much like everyone else in the free world, I made a few resolutions that, so far, I’ve been able to not suck at. Operation Hydration is still in full swing.  I’ve been crushing water like it’s my job, and it’s really made a difference in how I feel on a day-to-day basis…. Read more

The Deload Week and Why YOU Should Use It

Today’s guest post comes from Jeff Barnett, and it’s on the importance of deload weeks which is something I feel is relevant to EVERY person reading this post who trains on a consistent basis. For more info on Jeff, check out his sites HERE and HERE. Recently at my facility, I’ve been getting a lot… Read more

Coaching Etiquette: The Grey Area of the Commercial Gym Setting

I’m lucky that I live in a strength and conditioning bubble that allows me the ability (and luxury) to control pretty much everything around me.  With the exception of the music – which is a never ending battle of techno vs. rap vs. country vs. metal vs. Katy Perry my ears are bleeding – as… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 1/26/12

If there was ever a feature on which topics were currently “trending” on all of the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of health and fitness blogs out on the interwebz, I’m sure Intermittent Fasting would be right up there on that list. The topic, it seems, is like catnip lately. I’m not even going… Read more

Shatterproof Your Spine

In an industry that’s inundated with movers and shakers promoting their watered down products, it’s always refreshing to have the opportunity to promote something I feel will help a lot of people. Back in 2009 (maybe it was 2010), fellow colleague John Izzo asked if I’d be willing to watch his DVD, Shatterproof Spine. As… Read more

CP Badass Video of the Week

In an effort to increase our web presence (and take over the world), we’ve been making more of a concerted effort to take daily videos of clients getting their lift on at the facility and then posting them up on either our respective websites (,, or as well as CP’s Twitter account. HINT: … Read more

Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Monday: 1/23/12

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written one of my miscellaneous posts, so I figured this would be the perfect way to start what I hope will be a full week of blogging. 1. It’s no secret that I heart movies. I’ve always joked that if I were ever independently wealthy, all I would… Read more

6 Tips On Becoming a Better Fitness Professional

I’ve been toying around with writing a post providing tips and insight for new and upcoming trainers/coaches on how to become a better fitness professional for a while now, as I feel the ‘new class’ coming in often has an overwhelming sense of entitlement. Not all of them, of course.  But a fair share. For… Read more