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Something I Never Thought I’d Call Myself…..

A Belieber! Bahahaha! Just kidding. Actually the word I’m looking for is “foodie.” I never thought I’d refer to myself as a foodie. Photo Credit: Nadia Seccareccia Or, as Urban Dictionary eloquently refers to it, “a douchebag who likes food.” In that case I’ll raise my hand and offer myself to judgement and possible ridicule: “My… Read more

One Drill to Build Athleticism?

Today’s guest post is not only the last guest post of 2014 (sad face), but comes from good friend and regular contributor, Michael Anderson. Enjoy! When you are in your first year of damn near any Exercise Science or Strength and Conditioning program in college, one of your professors will inevitably ask you to define… Read more

Fix Your Knees, Get Bigger & Stronger

It’s kind of hard to achieve the holy grail of brohood – i.e., bigger, faster, and stronger (and tanned) – if you’re constantly banged up and/or hurt. Our knees take a beating as it is, but if you’re a meathead this statement is exponentially true. But even if someone says “my knees hurt!”……what does that… Read more

Best Posts of 2014 – Guest Posts

Heeeellllo everybody! As you can tell I took a few days off from posting anything due to the Holiday (and because I was in insulin coma from all the cookies I’ve been eating). But I’m back! I for one had an amazing time. Lisa and I went out to a killer steak dinner Christmas Eve,… Read more

Best Posts of 2014 (Tony’s Picks)

So yesterday I highlighted the best posts of 2014 as dictated by the internet, web traffic, and views. I have to admit: you all have impeccable taste! But what else is new: It goes without saying given you visit this site on a daily basis….;o) Today I wanted to highlight MY picks for the best… Read more

Best Posts of 2014

Tis the Holiday Season, and as such since it’s the end of the year (and my desire to write new content is on par with wanting to wash my face with broken glass) I like to take this time to reflect on things and post a handful of “round-up” articles highlighting the best of 2014…. Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 12/19/14

In case you missed it yesterday (I posted it later than usual), I had the opportunity to be a guest on the Inside the Athletic Grind Podcast earlier this week. I know pretty much everyone and their mailman is listening to the Serial Podcast nowadays, but if you need a slight change of pace, and… Read more

Inside the Athletic Grind

Gotta keep this one short and sweet today. I had the opportunity to appear on the Inside the Athletic Grind Podcast earlier this week as a guest. Nick Merich, one of the Editors-in-Chief, was a former athlete who trained at Cressey Sports Performance and his experience training with us a few summers ago inspired him… Read more